How to Draw a Broom

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How to draw a broom

Hello everybody. Today we want to show you how to draw a broom step by step. In this lesson we will draw a modern broom, but using this lesson you can draw a broom of the old kind, made from a simple stick and branches (we drew such a broom in the lesson about a witch).


Step 1

First we will need to sketch the outlines of the bristles and handle. Try to not press too hard on a pencil.

How to draw a broom

Step 2

Add one more line to the handle and make it thicker. Draw the bottom part of the bristles, making it more voluminous.

Learn how to draw a broom step by step

Step 3

Now draw the ropes that hold the bristles. Next, draw the texture of the bristles using long strokes.

Broom drawing

Step 4

So, let’s work with shadows. There are not so many of them, and we will add shadows with dense shading.

How to draw a broom

Today we learned how to draw a broom. As we have already said, this lesson can be used both to draw a regular broom and a magic broom for a witch, a Baba Yaga or Harry Potter.

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