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How to Draw a Compass Rose

how to draw a compass rose

In this lesson, we will tell you how to draw a compass rose. This is a fairly popular picture that has many uses. First of all, this is a schematic representation of the sides of the horizon. Also, the rose compass is often used as part of various logos or coats of arms.

The rose compass is a fairly simple drawing, but it is a good opportunity to practice drawing straight lines and circles. Use very light lines in the first steps so that you can repeatedly erase incorrect strokes.

Step 1

Firstly, draw the basic straight lines of our compass rose. Try to draw this without using a ruler or other auxiliary tools. It’s great drawing practice.

how to draw a compass rose simple

Step 2

Secondly, draw the voluminous contours of the front figure. Try to draw these triangles as accurately and symmetrically as possible, as in our sample.

how to draw a compass rose step by step

Step 3

Thirdly, draw the back parts of the compass rose. Correlate these triangles with the figures from the previous steps, and pay attention to their size and location.

How to draw a compass rose

Step 4

Add two circles of different sizes as in our sample. Practice drawing such circles first on a separate sheet of paper if you are a beginner artist.

easy way to draw a compass rose

Step 5

So, now you can remove the extra lines from the entire drawing. Check your Compass Rose for mistakes and inaccuracies. Try to fix it without the help of a ruler or other tools.

compass rose drawing

Step 6

As a result, you should get something like this result. You can add interior details or draw a map, or create an independent drawing without additional elements.

how to draw a compass rose

So, we hope that this was a rather useful drawing lesson for you. We rarely draw such simple things, as you know. We love comic book characters, animals and many other interesting objects. However, we are waiting for your comments on new drawing topics. We are ready to draw any lessons for you.

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