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How to Draw a Rooster

how to draw a cock

Hello! Today we have prepared for you a new simple drawing lesson, for beginners and kids. The topic of the lesson – how to draw a rooster. Generally, this is not the only bird on our site, because we have drawing lessons about chicken, goose and duck (by the way, these lessons are also very simple). The image of a rooster is quite common – on clothes, in fairy tales and cartoons, we often see memorable images of roosters. Let’s get acquainted with the lesson and learn how to draw a rooster for kids!

Step 1

Let’s start to draw with such a rounded shape.  It is difficult to compare with anything to give guidance for copying it. The only thing that this figure is similar – to inverted chicken leg. Perhaps the author of this article describes too many birds drawing lessons lately.

how to draw a rooster

Step 2

Draw the comb at the top of the figure from the previous step. Below, inside the shape, draw big eyes and open beak – it’s looks a bit like the logo of “Nike”. Pay attention to the bottom half of the beak – there you can see the inner part of the beak.

cock drawing

Step 3

Now draw a small figure in a shape of semicircle just below the eye. Using a toothed line draw plumage on the neck of the cock. Just below the beak draw the wattles.

rooster drawing

Step 4

Let’s draw a folded wing. Let’s draw a folded wing. At first we draw an oval shape and then draw the feathers on the oval. As you can see the wing is rounded on one side, and the serrated on other side.

how to draw a cock for beginners

Step 5

In this step we work on the main pride of the rooster – a magnificent tail. The tail looks like a several curved lines. By the way, we have one more drawing tutorial dedicated to feathered animals in which we are talked about how to draw a dove.

how to draw a rooster for kids

Step 6

In the penultimate stage of the lesson on how to draw a rooster for beginners we draw legs – first they are narrowed very gradually and then abruptly turn into conventional thin straight lines.

how to draw a cock for children

Step 7

This is the last and the most simple step. Erase extra guidelines, paint out the eyes.

how to draw a cock kids

Drawing lesson for you was prepared be artists of Drawingforall.net site, all the best and do not forget to visit our accounts in Google Plus, YouTube and Facebook.

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