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How to Draw a Sandwich

Today we will tell you about how to draw a sandwich. In fact, this is a wonderful dish. We often eat sandwiches while making drawing lessons. We would not be able to create such a cool site if it were not for hot strong tea and sandwiches that we eat in large quantities.

By the way, there is a legend that the sandwich was invented by a rich card player. This gentleman was keen on the game and asked to serve him a nutritious and satisfying dish that would not spoil his hands.


Step 1

Draw a figure of irregular asymmetric shape. To be honest this is the most asymmetric figure of all that we drew in our tutorials. Try to draw straight lines without using a ruler.

how to sketch a sandwich



Step 2

We divide the figure from the last step into several floors. The ground floor should be the widest and largest. It is at the level of the lower floor, we draw the contours of cheese, tomato and lettuce.


Step 3

We erase the extra lines from our sandwich. In the final version we draw the contours of bread, salad and cheese. You can draw other ingredients to your taste.


Step 4

Our sandwich is in front of some object that does not transmit light. Therefore, we will cast shadows on the front of the sandwich. Shadows are wide sweeping hatching. While drawing shadows, do not press the pencil too hard.

How to draw a sandwich

To be honest, we are very hungry while drawing it. We eat several such sandwiches. We hope that your drawings look cooler and more realistic than our drawings. We are waiting for you on the pages drawingforall.net!

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