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How to Draw Chibi Zenyatta

Chibi Zenyatta drawing

We decided it was time for the characters from Overwatch. This game was recently born and very quickly won the love of many gamers.So today we will tell you how to draw сhibi Zenyatta step by step.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing this frightening character with ordinary geometric shapes. The head looks like a rounded figure with a sharp lower corner. Pay attention to the ratio of the size of the head and torso. You have to portray a very large head.

How to draw chibi Zenyatta easy


Step 2

In this step we will draw limbs. Chibi style suggests very small and disproportionate limbs. Hands should be folded at a very sharp angle. The legs are also very close to the body.

How to draw Zenyatta easy for kids


Step 3

Add details. Outline the contours of the holes for the eyes and hands. By the way, you can use a great technique for the image of superpowers. You cannot draw telekinesis, but you can draw several objects that are hanging in the air with the character. In our case, these items are balls.

How to draw chibi Zenyatta from Overwatch


Step 4

Draw the contours of the mask Zenyatta in detail. Draw the contours of the mask Zenyatta in detail. Draw six holes that are located in the forehead area. These holes form a square as you can see. Also in this step, we draw the final version of the holes for the eyes.

How to draw chibi Overwatch


Step 5

You rarely can see any small details in the construction of the body of Chibi. However, in our case, we need to draw the fingers of Zenyatta’s hands because it convey the pose and gesture of our character very well.

Chibi Zenyatta drawing tutorial


Step 6

Let’s draw some shadows. Such a charismatic and mysterious character should be slightly obscured. Shadows should be located inside the holes for the eyes. You can also see the shadows on the arms, on the legs and on the levitating balls. Also in this step we will draw levitating balls. Try to make them as round and smooth as possible.

How to draw chibi Zenyatta

Do you like Overwatch characters? Or maybe you love chibi? Or do you like one thing but do not like another? Write in the comments about what lessons you would like to see on the pages of our site. We carefully read every comment. The idea of each new lesson is born from your opinions. We are waiting for you!

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