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How to Draw Touka Kirishima

Touka Kirishima drawing

Anime time on our site will never end. We really love anime. And today we have created a new drawing lesson in which we will tell you about how to draw Touka Kirishima.

This is the third of Tokyo Ghoul. We have already created lessons about Koutarou Amon and Ken Kaneki. We hope that this lesson will be much clearer and more useful than the previous ones.

Step 1

First, we outline the basic features of the figure of Touka Kirishima. We will use the stickman for this. We see the physique as a teenager. The shoulders should be slightly wider than the head. Do not forget that we are drawing a girl. In female figures, the pelvis should be wider than the chest.

Touka Kirishima

Step 2

Ok, first we will work inside the contour of the head. We draw two lines intersecting right in the center of the face. After that we sketch out the neck in the form of a long extended cylinder.

Next we sketch out a body, which has a slight smooth taper to the waist and widens to the hips. Also, in this step we outline thin and graceful arms and legs.

How to draw an anime character

Step 3

Now let’s depict the details. First draw the outlines of a short hairstyle. On the horizontal line draw out one eye and one eyebrow. After that we sketch out a small nose and lips that look like two short dashes. Next, using smooth lines, draw out the details from the previous step. And at the end of this step we outline the details of tight fitting clothes.

How to draw anime

Step 4

We will only draw the final details starting from this step. So we draw out the hair of our Touka Kirishima. After that we outline the contours of the face. Draw out the eyes with pupils, eyebrows, nose and lips. By the way, don’t forget to watch the drawing tutorial about how to draw Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan. It should help you to draw the face in an anime style. Do not forget to delete all unnecessary guidelines from the head.

How to draw Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul

Step 5

In this step we will work with clothing that is located on the body. We can see a tight vest. Under this vest is a rather thin fabric shirt. So we draw pockets and borders that are inside the vest contour. On the shirt we denote a high collar and several buttons which are located in the throat area.

How to draw Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul

Step 6

It’s time to draw the arms in the final details. Draw shirt sleeves and open palms with clear lines as you can see in our picture. When drawing arms, consider all cloth folds. Also, be careful when you draw the palms. Don’t forget to read a special post about how to draw hands and fists (it is really not an easy thing in drawing).

Step 7

We continue to draw Touka Kirishima. Let’s go down to work with the legs and boots of our anime character. So, we draw the final contours of the legs with the help of dark and curved lines. Draw knees articulations on the legs and outlines of the shoes. Do not forget to sketch a few folds.

Touka Kirishima drawing tutorial

Step 8

We have the final step, and it is the time to work with shadows on the Touka Kirishima drawing. In manga you can see dark and contrasting shadows. But in this lesson we will apply a slightly different way to work with shadows. First, we’ll determine the light source, and then using light hatching, we add shadows to those areas where the light does not fall.

How to draw Touka Kirishima

It was another anime drawing tutorial in which we in the most simple way tried to show you how to draw Touka Kirishima. We are not a website that specializes in drawing anime. We have a lot of sections as you can see. However, we really love anime and try to promote it. If you like it, please write about it in the comments so that we know that our readers support us.

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