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How to Draw Cool Chibi

If we see that you like any topic, we try to do as many lessons as possible about it. That was the way with the chibi drawing guides. We saw that you like chibi characters and so we made a new drawing lesson on this topic. So let’s start a lesson about how to draw cool chibi step by step!


Step 1

As in many other chibi drawing lessons, first we will draw the approximate contours of the head and torso. The head of a chibi should always be larger than the body. In our case, our little man took a fighting stance and slightly bent his back. Because of this, these two figures look like a comma.

How to draw cool chibi for kids


Step 2

Another feature of the chibi is the structure of the limbs. The limbs of a chibi have no joints. Also, chibi hands and feet are always very small compared to the head. But you can see that the limbs are relatively proportionate to the body. In our case, the legs are wide apart and form an arc. Arms are approximately at one angle relative to the body.

How to draw cool chibi step by step


Step 3

Let’s work on the details of our chibi warrior’s appearance. You can see a lot of new lines in this step. However, if you divide everything along a topographical basis, you will not be confused. So inside the contour of the head, we draw the contours of the eyes that look like triangles. After that with the help of short lines we represent the mouth, eyebrows and ears.

At the completion of the work on the head, we draw the outlines of the hair of our сhibi warrior.

In the hands of our character, we have the contours of armor that look like feathers. Also in the hands we draw the contours of the sword. It looks like two straight lines that connect the palms of both arms.

And in the leg area, we draw the contours of wide samurai pants.

How to draw chibi Yasuo


Step 4

So we have the basic details of our cool warrior chibi. Let’s work now with the final features of the face. In this step we will draw pupils and eyebrows. The localization of the pupils conveys the direction of the character’s gaze. Also here we will draw the auricle and the final contours of the hairstyle.

Cool chibi tutorial


Step 5

So, we are close to completing the lesson about how to draw cool chibi.  Now let’s repeat the same actions with the torso and limbs of our chibi. We draw the details of the arms and the body. The main details are the fingers of the hands, the blade and the sheath of the sword, the folds of the fabric and the belt.

How to draw chibi characters


Step 6

To give your cool chibi warrior a more realistic and beautiful look, you need to add some shadows. In order to do this, you need to use usual hatching and employ it on the areas indicated in the example below.

Cool chibi tutorial

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Do not forget to write to us if you have any difficulties with drawing. It will be especially useful if you specify the step at which this happened. We need your criticism because only in this way can we progress. We try to do the best drawing lessons for you.


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