How to draw Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan

How to draw Eren Yeager

Hello! Today we made a new drawing tutorial. As you can see, we will draw Eren Yeager. Eren is a character of the very popular anime cartoon “Attack on Titan”.


Step 1

First we shoud draw an oval. In this step there is no difference between this tutorial (anime-style) and ordinary drawing tutorials in which we draw human faces.

How to draw Eren Yeager step by step

Step 2

Ok, in this step we will draw the basic face lines. The vertical line divides the oval into two equal parts. The horizontal line is the line of location of the eyes. This line also divides the oval into two equal parts. The intersection of these two lines should be the center of the whole figure.

How to draw Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan

Step 3

And now it’s time to mark the location of the eyes more precisely. Let’s draw two additional lines for this:


And then we should draw the line of the nose (we marked it blue) and the line of the mouth (it is the green line).


Step 4

Let’s make lower part of the face a little narrower.


Step 5

In this step we will erase guide lines from the previous steps. Please note: we will erase only lines from the low part of the face. The inside face lines from 1-3 steps remain intact.

How to draw Eren Yeager anime

Step 6

Before beginning this step you should compare your sketch with our picture to the previous step. It is much more important than it might seem. When you draw anime character every small detail of the face is of great importance. Even small mistake in your character’s face make the character completely difference.

And we continue the drawing in anime style. In this step we will draw the eye contiors. The lower eye contour is a circular line. The upper eye contour is a straight line. Don’t forget to use lines from the firts, second and third steps as a guide.

how to draw anime Attack on Titan

Step 7

Probably you may think that we do so much actions in this step. But in this step we will do only these:

  • Firts we draw the pupils;
  • After that we draw the contours of the eyebrows;
  • Then we draw the nose and mouth (look at the face lines);
  •  And the last action is erase all unnecessary lines.

how to draw anime Attack on Titan step by step

Step 8

And we continue the drawing tutorial in which we told how to draw Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan. Now it’s time to draw the eyes in details. First we should paint the pupils in black. And then hatch the area of the iris.

The hatches should go in direction from the pupil to the outer border of the iris. Don’t forget about the unpaited spots in the area of the iris (or you can make these spots using eraser).

How to draw Eren Yeager for kids

Step 9

In this step we will draw the contours of the hair. Very rarely in the anime you can see the hair painted in detail. In our drawing tutorial we will draw only a rough outline of hairstyle.

how to draw anime step by step for kids

Step 10

And now we have a last step. You only should to draw the light shadows like you can see in this picture:

How to draw Eren Yeager

It was a face of classic anime character. If you want to learn how to draw anime figure visit tutorial on how to draw Naruto.


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