How to Draw the Tick

How to draw the Tick

We love comics a lot, and we created a huge number of very different drawing tutorials about superheroes and supervillains. But almost all these characters (probably apart from Deadpool) are too serious and pretentious, and therefore we especially like Tick – a satirical and comic superhero and a character of the eponymous animated series. So let’s get down to the tutorial on how to draw Tick.


Step 1

Let’s start with the skeleton of Tick. First of all, we sketch out the outlines of an unusual skull and spine line. On this line we sketch out the unusually wide chest and small pelvis. Then, using simple lines, we sketch the arms and legs.

How to draw the Tick

Step 2

Now we sketch two simple lines on the head of Tick. Next we outline the very wide neck and torso with very broad shoulders and very narrow waist. After that we outline caricaturely large arms and no less caricaturely thin legs with the help of simple geometric figures.

The Tick drawing tutorial

Step 3

Now let’s work wiht the details of the face of our cool superhero. At first we neatly draw out the cartoon eyes of Tick. Next, draw the caricature small nose with, caricature large jaw and mouth. At the end of the step draw the mask opening.

Learn how to draw the Tick step by step

Step 4

In this step we will finish drawing the head of Tick. First of all, let’s carefully draw out the outlines of our superhero’s huge and wide jaw. Next, draw out the outlines of the head and antenna at the top of the head.

How to sketch the Tick step by step easy

Step 5

Draw lines of a very wide neck that go into huge trapezoids. Next, draw caricature huge pectoral muscles. Next, draw the outlines of the torso which is strongly narrowed at the waist. Draw the lines of the abdominal muscles and delete the unnecessary guidelines.

How to draw the Tick easy

Step 6

Continuing the line of trapezoids, we carefully draw the outlines of the huge deltoids, which moves into no less huge arms. Draw the lines of muscles on Tick’s arms as shown in our example. At the end of the step we draw the hands and delete unnecessary guidelines from the arms.

How to draw the Tick easy

Step 7

Continuing the lines of the torso draw out the outlines of the legs. Gently circle the lines of the legs, considering all the muscles and joints of the legs of Tick. Note that the legs should be caricaturely thin. At the very end of the step we delete all unnecessary guidelines.

The Tick drawing tutorial

Step 8

The drawing of Tick is almost complete, and now we just have to add some shadows to make it more voluminous and three-dimensional. Apply shadows using dense hatching in the least lit areas.

The Tick drawing tutorial

We want to draw a huge number of drawing lessons about superheroes and supervillains, so feel free to offer us ideas for upcoming drawing lessons either in the comments to this article or on our pages in social networks.

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