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How to Draw a Floor

Floor drawing

On our site there is a category called “House” in which we usually publish everything related to the interior. Most often we draw things like a couch or a chair, but today we decided to draw the thing without which it is impossible to imagine a single house – the floor. So let’s get down to the tutorial on how to draw a floor.

Step 1

Today we will draw a classic wooden floor. To do this, we will draw long straight lines, the intervals between which increases as approaching us. By the way, to improve your skills, try practicing drawing these lines without using a ruler.

How to draw a floor easy

Step 2

Let’s make our lines more like boards. Using short lines, we draw longitudinal lines on the floor, as in the example below. Try to convey the size of the boards and the perspective to make the drawing look more realistic and voluminous.

How to draw a wooden floor

Step 3

Let’s draw a wood texture on our floor. We will do this with the help of smooth and uneven lines. Try to make the lines more diverse. Also try not to make the lines too dark.

How to draw a floor

This super simple drawing lesson was about how to draw a wooden floor. You can draw boards either with a ruler or without it. You can also diversify your drawing by changing the patterns on the floor. If you have learned how to draw a floor, you can draw things like a table or an armchair on your floor.

This lesson was done at the request of one of our readers. If you also want us to create a drawing lesson for your request, then write to us about it either in the comments to any of our articles or in our social networks.


  1. Could you make a how to draw different type of floors? It would help a lot

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