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How to Draw a Monitor

Monitor drawing

In one of our old drawing lessons the team of artists and editors of Drawingforall.net showed how to draw a TV, and in this similar instruction we will show how to draw a screen. Indeed, these two subjects are very similar, and in fact serve for identical purposes. But despite all the similarities, they have some important differences that will be taken into account in this article on how to draw a screen.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing the screen from the most important, that is, from the external outlines of the screen. Using straight lines (which of course can be drawn with a ruler, but we advise you not to use it) mark everything as shown in the example from the artists of Drawingforall.net.

How to draw a Monitor step by step

Step 2

Let’s now turn this elementary rectangle into something similar to a screen. To do this, we will need to draw another rectangle inside the one we have outlined in the first step. In addition, mark the side face of the screen with one long and two short lines.

How to draw a Monitor easy

Step 3

Now let’s draw a stand under the screen. This detail can actually be of various kinds, so draw a stand either as in our example, or invent your own shape for this part. In addition, you can draw buttons on the bottom or side panel.

Monitor drawing tutorial

Step 4

In the fourth and final stage of the sketching instruction on how to draw the screen will be devoted to shadows and highlights, which will give our screen design realism and volume. First of all, draw the glare on the screen with the help of two long light lines. Next, with the help of hatching, apply the shadows in the places shown in the example from the artists of Drawingforall.net.

How to draw a Monitor

The team of artists of Drawingforall.net believes that this lesson was so simple that even the beginner artist can learn how to sketch a screen. If you encounter any difficulties, write to us about it either right here, in the comments just below, via e-mail (maybe someone still uses this form of communication) or in our pages on Facebook, Pinterest or other social networks .


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