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How to Draw a Puck

How to draw a puck

Hello dear artists and welcome to a very simple drawing lesson about how to draw a puck. This lesson is so simple because the subject itself is very simple, since in fact it is just a flat and round object, we will draw it with a few very simple lines.


Step 1

The first thing we do is outline a usual oval as shown in our example.

How to draw a puck

Step 2

Draw another one, exactly the same oval just below the one we drew in the last step.

How to draw a puck easy

Step 3

Now connect the ovals from past steps with the help of two straight short lines.

Learn how to draw a hockey puck

Step 4

A very simple step – take an eraser and remove all unnecessary lines.

Puck drawing

Step 5

Now let’s add some shadows and highlights using hatching.

How to draw a puck

It is possible that the lesson on how to draw a puck was the simplest (or at least one of the simplest) lesson on our site. Despite the fact that this lesson was very simple, you could face some problems. In fact, it is difficult to draw perfectly smooth ovals (as well as circles). Therefore, pay special attention to the smoothness of the lines of oval.


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