How to draw Iron Man step by step

how to draw iron man

Hello everyone! Today we prepeared a new drawing lesson, devoted to Marvel Universe. And the main character of the this post will be legendary Iron Man.

Iron Man, whose real name is Tony Stark, is one of the most recognizable members of the team “Avengers”. Frankly, many of those who attended the movies Avengers, wanted to see another film about the charismatic genius of Tony Stark. By the way, today we are going to draw Iron Man without a helmet. But it will not be particularly difficult. Let’s start our lesson!


Step 1

The first step draw a stickman. We draw the stickman to sketch out general proportions and posture of the character. Look carefully at the proportions of this stickman. Look at the length of the head and relate it to growth stickman. The length of the head should be equal to 1/7-1/7.5 part of the growth. Shoulders should be significantly wider than the pelvis.

how to draw iron man


Step 2

In this step, you add volume tothe upper part of the stickman. Don’t forget the important thing – Tony stark dressed in the massive suit, and therefore the contours of the body he will be somewhat larger than the average person. Hands should be large and massive. The torso should be wider at the top and gradually narrows to the belt. By the way, we have a drawing lesson about Spider-Man, beloved colleague of Iron Man.

how to draw iron man from avengers


Step 3

To the lower body all a bit easier. Inguinal region and the belt look like a triangle. Hips can be denoted by the cylinders and the knees – hexagons. Do not forget that feet should be larger than a normal human because heavy armor.

how 2 draw iron man


Step 4

Inside of the head draw a line, which will help us to draw eyes. This line should be placed approximately in the middle. Above this line, draw another for help hair’s drawing. Below the line of the eyes draw another line which will be the reference point for drawing the mouth.

how to draw Toni Stark Iron man


General plan:

how to draw iron man from avengers


Step 5

Draw hair (to draw from the roots to the tips). Light touches of planned eye and eyebrow. Also here we draw a nose and mouth.

how to draw avengers


General plan:

drawing iron man

Step 6

Complete drawing faces. Draw wrinkles and lines mustaches. In the lower part of the face draw the armor that hide the chin.

how 2 draw iron man


General plan:

how to draw iron man step by step


Step 7

Face and head painted. Now draw the upper torso. In the center of the chest draw famous plate under the neck draw tight collar. Draw the pieces of armor Iron Man, located in the area of the shoulders.

how to draw iron man by pencil


Step 8

This is a lesson on how to draw Iron Man, and we continue. Draw the armor on the chest muscles and ribs. Also, draw the armor on the shoulders, the biggest detail is of the form volume key.

how to draw iron man


Step 9

Draw the shape of her armor at close hand to us.

how to draw iron man


Step 10

So, add details and draw in the bicep area long plate. We will work on the outer part of the forearm and add one square plate on each finger.

how to draw iron man step by step by pencil


Step 11

Now draw the armor on the lower part of the body of Iron Man. The armor covering his groin, looks like a triangle.

drawing iron man


Step 12

Draw your reservation at close to us leg. When drawing you should rely on already drawn the contours and outlines. Don’t forget draw armor details located on the foot.

how 2 draw iron man step by step


Step 13

Continue to draw the leg of Iron Man in detail. On the side of the thigh, draw plate, similar to the volume bar.

how to draw iron man tony stark


Step 14

In complete analogy with the previous two steps, draw right leg from us.

how to draw iron manhow 2 draw iron man easy



Step 15

Draw the details of armor left from our hands. Put biceps crisp lines, draw the contours of the forearm.

how to draw iron man



how 2 draw iron man step by step


Step 16

Lesson on how to draw Iron Man is a good example of a comic style drawing. This means that shadows will be rough and full of contrast as black spots. Shadow it is best to apply in two stages – first draw the outlines and then color them.

how to draw iron man


It was a drawing lesson in which we told you about how to draw Iron Man. We will meet with you in a new drawing lessons on our website.

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