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How to Draw Captain America


Hello! We have a new drawing lesson devoted to drawing comic book style drawing. As you can see, today we will draw one of the greatest heroes from Marvel Universe. Today we will draw Captain America.


Step 1

The first step is drawing of the stickman. We need in the stickman in this step because the stickman help us in proportions, pose and location of the character on the paper’s list. And the main proportions of the our stickman is:

  •  Human growth is equal to the sum of the lengths of seven human heads;
  • Shoulder width is equal to 2-2.5 heads (wide). This rule works relative to men’s, women’s shoulders are much smaller. By the way, we draw Captain America, so to make the shoulders wide three heads won’t be a mistake;
  • Shoulders much wider pelvis line. This rule works only for men’s figures;
  • The hands of our stickman needs to reach the first quarter of the cuts between the waist and knee. Please note, our stickman in this step has no palm.
  • As we have said, growth of superhero is equal to the sum of the lengths of the seven heads. Four of these seven heads should be the length of the legs.

You can use this rules for practically any superhero. For example, Thor have practically the same proportions.

how to draw Captain America from Avengers


Step 2

Ok, let’s add some flesh for our stickman. The main parts of the body look like simple geometric shapes. For example the neck is the short cylinder (we can see only part of it). The torso should be quite narrow from top to bottom. The pelvis area looks like a triangle.

We decided to make this scheme for comfortable drawing the contours of the hands. You can see shoulder muscules:

  1. Deltoid muscle;
  2. Shoulder biceps;
  3. Shoulder triceps.

It was the main muscules form the contour of the shoulder. Number four denotes forearm. Please note the forearm should be narrow to the palm (number five).

how to draw Capitan America classic


Now a few words about the legs. As you can see, the leg is divided into:

  1. The hip;
  2. The shin;
  3. And the foot.

Every part has the unique form. The hip is very wide near the body, but this part of the leg has a smooth narrowing to the knee. The shin has a very typical bending, forming by the calf (another name is gastrocnemius) muscle. By the way, exactly muscles like gastrocnemius or forearm’s group muscles or core muscle are forms full athletic figure.



Without marking:



Step 3

Ok, let’s continue tutorial in which we asked how to draw Captain America, the lider of the Avengers team. Now we have the contours of the figuire. Let’s make a little marking of the face. First, you should draw the vertical line of the facial symmetry. We have a full-face view so this line locates in the exact center of the face.

Then draw a horizontal line indicated the location of the eyes. This line is the highest of the horizontal lines. The line of his nose and mouth, are located underneath.



The general plan:

captain america drawing


Step 4

In step we continue to draw the face. Use lines from the previous step as a guide. Draw the mask. In the area of the nose and lower part of the face the border of the mask is a straight lines and the angles. Don’t forget about the little wings and foramens for the eyes.



The general plan is:

how to draw captain America by pencil


Step 5

In this step we should draw the face in details. Darken the lines from the previous step. Draw the ears and detail the eyes.



And the general plan:

how to draw Captain America


Step 6

Ok, in this step we detail the body. First, you should draw pectoralis major muscle. This muscles are forming the contours of the upper part of the body (together with the deltoid muscle of the shoulder). Use the contours of the had’s muscle as a guide. Under the pectoralis major muscle located the area covered by vertical stripes.



Then draw a contour of the neck. In this case neck looks like several vertical lines located between the mandible and the chest muscles. The last action of this step is drawing of the big star.

draw captain america


Step 7

Yeah, it’s really hard drawing lesson. In this step we should draw the hand. The main action of this step is detalisation the main groups of muscles formed the contours of the shoulders. You can see the rounded contours of the shoulder biceps or deltoid muscle.

Practically all the forearm is hidden by the glove. So we should draw only contours of the glove and the fist. It is not easy because the human palm is most moving part of the human body.

how_to_draw_the avengers


The general plan:

how_to_draw_the avengers


Step 8

In this step we draw the other hand of our hero. We can see the more pronounced roundness of deltoid muscle. Don’t forget about lines in the cubital fossa area. This lines looks like the letter “Y”. Using the rounded lines draws Capitan America’s shield. And in this step we have a little bit different view of the fist:



The general plan:

how to draw the first avenger


Step 9

Now we have practically finished picture of the first avenger. In this step we should draw the pelvis area and the legs. Firts draw the belt, the darken the triangle of pelvis area.

Then darken the contours of the legs. Draw a contour of the quadriceps femoris. We have not marked the contours of this muscle because the quadriceps femoris is occupies almost the entire front of the hip.

Below the femur is the knee joint. The knee joint includes a patella. The patella is visible under the skin, so it contours to draw. Then draw the boots. Don’t forget about the rim in the lowest part of the boot. Also don’t forget about the folds of skin. They looks like the short horizontal lines.

how to draw the first avenger step by step


Step 10

It’s pretty hard to believe, but we paractically made it, we draw Capitan America. Now we have only one task – the shadows. The final result of our drawing lesson looks like the classic example of the comics style’s drawing. So the shadows are bright black contrast stains. The right way to draw this shadows is 2 steps of the drawing:

  • Drawing the contours of the shadows by the solid pencil;
  • Painted black this сontours by the soft pencil



Drawing tutorial on the most American superhero is over. Don’t forget to share this lesson if you like comics and drawing.

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