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How to Draw a Freestyle Footbag Player


Have a nice day! We have a new drawing lesson in which we will tell you how to draw the freestyle footbag player. Footbag is a little ball representing a bag, made of cloth and stuffed with sand or lentils. Freestyle footbag is a beautiful street sport which is tricking with this ball.


Step 1

First step is the drawing of the stickman. This work is very important because good and right stickman is right proportions and pose of the character we drawing. We have an ordinary men’s figure in which the growth is the sum of the lengths of the seven heads. Shoulders should be much wider pelvis (don’t use this rule for the drawing of the women’s figure). Note that this stickman has no feet and no palms. We will draw these parts of the body in the next step.

How to draw the freestyle footbag player step by step


Step 2

Let’s add some flesh to the our stickman. Look at the second step in drawing tutorial about Captain America – there are many schemes and advices for the drawing of the man’s figure in this post.The right shoulder look like the circle, the left shoulder has an oval form. Then draw the hands consisting of cylinders. The body has a little narrowing to the pelves.

how to draw the freestyle football


Step 3

This step will be very short and easy. So draw small strokes which will help with facial features’s drawing. Draw the contours of the cap.

how to draw footbag


Step 4

Let’s add some details to the face. Erase all unnecessary lines from the face. Draw parts of the caps – the clasp and the sun visor.

How to draw extreme sport


Step 5

In this step we should draw the jacket and the hands. Don’t forget about the folds of cloth located in the abdominal area, armpits and elbows.  You can draw another clothing like the polo, ordinary t-shirt or hoodie. In the last case you should draw some additional folds in the hood area.

how to draw street sport


Step 6

Now draw the pants. In the our example, you can see the jeans, but you can draw another clothing like in the previous step. Also in this step we should draw the footbag. Our character does the trick which is called “clipper”. As you can see during this trick the footbag falls on the internal medial side of the foot.

how to draw street sport footbag


Step 7

In the last step we draw the shadow that the athlete drops to the ground.



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