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How to Draw a Girl Step by Step

how to draw a girl

Hello! Today we have prepared for you a realistic drawing lesson – that is, this lesson will be much harder than our many other lessons. And theme of our drawing tutorial will be how to draw a girl step by step. So let’s get started!

Step 1

In the first stage, we need to identify the pose, proportions and the position on the paper. At first pay attention to the rules of the female body proportions that differ from men’s proportions. Despite the individuality of each individual man and his proportions, which creates an exception to the rule, in the drawing books female figure inferior to the growth of the male figure. Also, there are a number of other differences:

  • The woman’s shoulders narrower than in men, and the hips wider;
  • Hands, wrists and fingers of female smaller and thinner than of men;
  • Women shin tapers down and goes into a thinner ankle and smaller foot.

First outline the head and tuft of hair on the head. Then draw the curved spine, draw the lines of the arms and legs.

how to draw a girl

Step 2

We attach the volume of the figure. Using a narrow cylinder, draw the neck, which smoothly into the shoulders and back. Using narrow and elongated cylinders draw the arms. Outline the balls, as guides for the shoulder joints and elbows (remember, they have to be very small – we draw a fragile girl, not The Incredible Hulk). Sketch out the contours of the hands. Look at the contours of the body – because of the narrow waist and broad hips, they look like an hourglass.

When you draw the legs, use flowing lines to emphasize the feminine figure.  Designate the necessary bends in the areas of the calf muscles and the arches of the feet.

how to draw a girl step by step

Step 3

Just a short step, in which we erase the guidelines. Draw the outlines of the railing – it relies on them, dreamily thinking. Well, the silhouette of a girl drawn, and now it looks like a mannequin. From the next step we will start adding the details to the girl.

how to draw a girl with a pencil

Step 4

Let’s revive the mannequin by adding details. First draw the hair of girl by drawing hair strands. Draw and curly locks, that hanging down. Do not forget about the important rule – the hair should be drawn in the direction from the roots and tips. Draw the contour of the cheekbone and chin. Draw the ear and move to the next step.

how to draw a girl from back

Step 5

Completed working on the hairstyle of the girl by drawing a few smooth lines of hair on the back of the head. Next circle the breast, shoulders and upper part of the shirt. Do not forget the folds of fabric – these details affect the realism of the drawing as a whole.

how to draw a beautiful girl

Step 6

Circle the hands of the girl, add details to the right hand of us, outline a few lines on the elbow area and draw the hand. Draw the knuckles and visible parts of the fingers. Next draw the lower part of the shirt – edges should be uneven, the central part should be covered with folds.

how to draw a girl step by step

Step 7

Draw the lower part of the girl’s body. On the exposed portion of the back mark the intermittent line of the spine. Circle the lines of the shorts. Add some folds and lines to the shorts. Using smooth lines circle the legs.

drawing girls

Step 8

Now draw feet of our heroine, dressed in relatively high domestic socks. Draw wavy silhouettes of the socks, which look like smooth, slightly curved horizontal lines.

girl art

Step 9

Draw the vertical lines on the toes, which should extend from the bottom of the lower legs to the ankles. Circle the soles, draw the necessary folds in the fabric. Complete this step and circle the railing.

how to draw a girl

It was a lesson on how to draw a girl step by step with pencil, that was prepared by Drawingforall.net. Write your wishes for the next lesson in the comments below the article, in our accounts in social networks.

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