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How to Draw a Kingfisher

How to draw a kingfisher

The lesson about how to draw a kingfisher will be very simple, because we divided it into a few extremely simple steps. This is called a “step by step drawing method” which will help to learn drawing even to those who take a pencil in their hands for the first time in their life. Therefore, grab your favorite drawing tools and start drawing process.


Step 1

The beginning is very simple: we draw two intersecting, slightly inclined ovals.

How to draw a kingfisher

Step 2

Sketch out a long and sharp beak, wings and tail. At the end of the step sketch out the feet and the branch on which our kingfisher will sit.

Learn to draw a kingfisher

Step 3

Connect the parts with contour lines. Sketch out the eye, lines on the beak and wings.

How to sketch a kingfisher step by step

Stpe 4

Delete all the guidelines from the first steps. Carefully draw all the outlines our kingfisher drawing. Then draw feathers and strips on the head.

kingfisher drawing tutorial

Step 5

The last step in which, according to tradition, we will deal with shadows, drawing them using standard hatching.

How to draw a kingfisher

As we said, the lesson on how to draw a kingfisher is divided into several steps, each of which is very easy. Despite the fact that the lesson is called how to draw a kingfisher, this lesson is applicable for drawing almost any bird, since the principles of constructing a figure are approximately the same for all birds. So, feel free to use the tips and principles shown in this tutorial and draw your favorite birds. Another very inportant information for you – in the most famous social networks we created pages where we post all updates and even shortened versions of our drawing lessons, so be sure to take the time and subscribe.

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