How to Draw Spider-Man Logo

How to draw spider-man logo


Hello everybody! In one of our previous drawing lesson we taught you how to draw Batman logo, and today we decided to show you how to draw a logo of one of the most recognisable characters from Marvel universe. And today we will show how to draw Spider-Man logo. By the way, in one of our tutorials we showed you how to draw Spider-Man head. As you know, the logo of Spider-Man is located on the chest of Peter, in the center of his suit. So, let’s start the tutorial and learn how to draw Spider-Man logo!


Step 1

At first we will sketch out the shapes of a spider. It consists of two parts. First draw a usual circle, then under the circle draw a rhombus with a triangular recess in the bottom. In general, everything that we have drawn in this step are very similar to the keyhole.

How to draw spider-man logo step by step


Step 2

Erase the line separating the two figures to get a monolithic shape. At the top of the circular shape draw two pairs of sharp teeth.

How to draw spider-man logo with a pencil


Step 3

At the upper sides of the head of spider draw two pairs of legs, which should be geared up. Note, that they should be narrowed to the ends.

How to draw spider-man logo


Step 4

Ниже предыдущих пар ног нарисовать еще две пары ног. They should be geared down. Note, that these pairs of the legs should be slightly longer than the upper pairs.

How to draw spider-man logo step by step


Step 5

At this step of the tutorial about how to draw SpiderMan logo we will paint the drawing. You can paint it out using a number of means – pencils, crayons, paints or photoshop.

drawing spider man logo


It was tutorial about how to draw Spider-Man logo step by step. We hope the tutorial was interesting and informative for you. If you want to draw more complex things, visit our drawing lessons about how to draw Wolverine or how to draw a samurai. Goodbye!


  1. wow this drawing is amazing and it really helped me out to finish of the emblem on the suit that I drew for Spiderman maybe it will be used in another Spiderman movie one day

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