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How to Draw Jesse Custer

Jesse Custer drawing

Jesse Custer is the protagonist of the comic book series Preacher. A young preacher from the small town of Annville, Texas, who became the “vessel” for the supernatural being. And as you already understood, today our team will show you how to draw Jesse Custer.


Step 1

One of the most important steps of all our drawing lessons is the very first step, where we draw the skeleton. As in other lessons, we will start with the head, outlining it in the form of a simple oval. Next, the line of the spine, chest, pelvis, arms and legs.

How to draw Jesse Custer

Step 2

The second stage will be devoted to the fact that we add volume to the body. First, we “thicken” the neck, which smoothly passes to the torso. After that, we sketch the outline of the arms and legs, using very simple geometric shapes. Do not forget to sketch the intersecting lines on the face of Jesse Custer.

Jesse Custer drawing lesson

Step 3

The traditional third step of the lesson about Jesse Custer, in which we will deal with the outlining the most basic details of our drawing. The first thing we do is sketch the details of the face and outlines of the hair. Then go to the body and draw the outlines of the suit, also using very light lines.

How to draw Jesse Custer from comic book

Step 4

Now let’s start drawing the details of Jesse Custer. Starting from the head, we gently draw out the eyes, nose and mouth. After that, carefully draw the outlines of the jaw with a beard, ears and disheveled hairstyle of Preacher. Take the eraser and gently erase all unnecessary guidelines from the head.

How to draw a character from comics

Step 5

Now let’s go to the torso of Jesse Custer, where we will draw the details of the costume. First, draw the outlines of the shoulders and collar of the jacket. Next, draw the outlines of the shirt collar and tie. Remove unnecessary guidelines and draw all the necessary folds and buttons on the clothing.

How to draw comics characters

Step 6

Now let’s draw out the arms of Jesse Custer. Continuing the shoulder lines, we carefully draw the outlines of the sleeves of the jacket, taking into account all the folds. In the same step, we will draw out the hands (to learn more about this, visit our lesson on how to draw hands).

How to sketch Jesse Custer step by step

Step 7

In this step, we will in fact finish drawing the figure of Jesse Custer. As you can see, here we will draw the legs. With the help of long lines gently draw the outlines of the pants, considering all the folds of the fabric. In the same step, we will draw shoes and remove all unnecessary lines from the drawing of Preacher.

Learn how to draw Jesse Custer easy

Step 8

Now it’s time to draw the shadows. We will do this to make the drawing of Jesse Custer look more voluminous. Let’s first determine the source of light in order to add shadows in the area with the least light. Shadows will traditionally be drawn with dense hatching.

How to draw Jesse Custer step by step

As you could see, we drew Jesse Custer from the TV series, but using this drawing tutorial you can draw Preacher from the comics. The same drawing lesson can be useful if you want to draw any other character, since the principles from this lesson are common for drawing any person.

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