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How to Draw a Banana

How to draw a banana

We continue the lessons of drawing vegetables and fruits. We have already drawn many exotic fruits. But we always forgot about one very famous and beloved fruit. We are talking about a banana. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. We also see funny scenes in stereotypical comedies thanks to a banana peel. So let’s start this simple drawing lesson and learn how to draw a banana.

Step 1

First draw a long, curved and rounded shape. Do not try to make the lines too dark. We really do not know what to compare it with. If it were another drawing lesson we would say that it looks like a banana contour.

How to draw a banana easy step by step

Step 2

Add a stalk and an angular tip to the figure from the last step. Here it is also important not to overdo it with the darkness of the lines, because in the future we will have to correct all the lines and make improvements to the drawing.

How to draw a banana step by step

Step 3

We erase the extra lines from the banana. Using smooth and dark lines, gently circle all the outlines, making the drawing cleaner and neater.Draw one longitudinal and curved line that should run from one end to the other.

How to draw a banana easy

Step 4

We already had a good result, right? Let’s make it even cooler. For this we will add some shadows. Shadows look like light hatching. They should be drawn around the stalk and on the surface where the banana is located.

Banana drawing

The lesson on how to draw a banana has come to an end. Try to draw some sort of still life by drawing a banana with the help of this lesson and adding some other fruits, vegetables and interior items such as a vase or a book. All the necessary drawing lessons to create a full-fledged still life are already available on our website. Just go to the categories called “Food” and “Still Life”. Also, do not forget to visit our site often, so as not to miss the new drawing lessons created by the team of drawingforall.net.


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