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How to Draw a Shirt

how to draw a shirt

Hello everybody. As we said in the lesson about a T-shirt, we want to make drawing lessons about all kinds of clothes. We have already drew not only a T-shirt, but also shoes, sneakers and many interesting things. And today we will show you how to draw a shirt.


Step 1

So, first of all we sketch out the part of the shirt that covers the torso.

how to draw a shirt

Step 2

Now outline the collar and sleeves (we drew long sleeves, but you can draw short sleeves).

how to sketch a shirt

Step 3

Using flowing lines draw a long fly. Make the shoulders a little higher.

draw a shirt

Step 4

Now using sharp and smooth lines draw out the shirt. Add some folds. Most of them are concentrated in the armpits and elbows.

shirt drawing

Step 5

Now let’s make our lesson more realistic and voluminous. Add shadows in the least lit areas of our drawing.

how to draw a shirt

Was this lesson interesting to you? Or maybe the lesson was boring and could not show you how to draw a shirt? Anyway, write your opinion about this lesson here in the comments or on our pages in social networks.

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