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How to Draw a Princess Easy

How to draw a princess easy

In this super simple drawing lesson, the team of artists of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw a princess easy and quick. In order to simplify the sketching of a princess as much as possible, we divided this instruction into ten elementary steps, each of which consists of the simplest actions.


Step 1

First, we will sketch a stickman or a “skeleton” of the princess, which will be the basis of the future princess drawing. Let’s begin with the head, depicting it as an oval. Next, go to the torso, outlining the spine, on which we place the chest and pelvis. With a few simple lines, we sketch the arms and legs.

How to draw a princess easy for beginners

Step 2

Let’s mark the guidelines on the head, they will help us find the center of the face and depict the eyes on the same level. Next, depict a thin neck and depict the torso of the girl. The torso should be significantly narrowed at the waist and then expanded again at the hips.

How to draw a princess for beginners

Step 3

In the form of two balls, mark the shoulders. Further, in the form of simple cylinders, sketch out upper limbs of the princess. Sketch the hands as drawn in our example. Now, with the help of several lines, sketch the princess dress.

How to sketch a princess

Step 4

Using the horizontal line drawn in the second stage, draw large and expressive eyes. Just below, mark a nose by one neat line and plump lips. Next, sketch out eyebrows with two simple lines and depict the hairstyle. Don’t forget to sketch a crown.

How to draw a princess step by step

Step 5

Now outline the main details of the clothes of the princess. Depict a neckline on the chest and a pattern, as sketched in the example, drawn by the artists of Drawingforall.net. Next, go to the arms, and mark the curvaceous details of the clothes on the shoulders and forearms.

How to draw a princess easy

Step 6

Using dark and clear lines, carefully trace the outlines of the face and head, as drawn in our example. Depict the pupils to make the princess look more expressive. Using the eraser, remove all unnecessary guidelines from the princess’s head.

Princess easy drawing tutorial

Step 7

Now do the same actions, but with the torso of the princess. That is, with the help of dark lines trace the torso so that it turns out clean and has a complete appearance. To make it look even more complete, erase all unnecessary guidelines from it.

How to draw a princess

Step 8

Continuing the lines of the torso, trace the shoulders, arms and hands of the princess. Pay special attention to the princess fingers (by the way, to learn more about them, visit our lesson on how to draw hands). Complete the stage by removing all unnecessary guidelines from the upper limbs.

How to draw a princess easy step by step

Step 9

Now trace the long lines of the princess dress. Next, remove all unnecessary auxiliary guidelines and add some vertical folds, as the artists of Drawingforall.net did. If you did everything right, then your princess artwork should look something like this.

Princess drawing

Step 10

To make your princess drawing more realistic, add some shadows. To do this, use a light and smooth shading, as did the artists of Drawingforall.net. You can also add some color to your princess sketch or add more hatching layers to make the artwork more voluminous.

How to draw a princess easy

So this was an art instruction on how to draw a princess easy. Was this art instruction simple, or did you encounter any difficulties in the process of drawing a princess? Write to us about this, and also about what art guide you want to see on the pages of Drawingforall.net. If you want more such sketching articles, then go to our category “For Beginners”, where you will find many interesting and useful articles. And also follow us in our social networks, where you will find a lot of different artworks and announcements of future articles.


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