How to Draw a Mercedes-Benz CLS

How to draw a Mercedes-Benz CLS

We love different cool cars, especially if Is Mercedes-Benz cars, and especially if is a Mercedes-Benz CLS. And in this very drawing lesson, we want to show you how to draw a Mercedes-Benz CLS step by step.


Step 1

We must start with the most basic contours of the car. Take a pencil in your hand and sketch out the general body contours, as shown in our example. Recall that in the first steps of all our drawing lessons, we recommend to use very light lines to make them easier to erase in the future.

Mercedes-Benz CLS drawing

Step 2

Let’s now add the most basic parts to the body of our car. We start with the front of our Mercedes-Benz CLS and draw the outlines of the headlights and grille. Next, sketch out the outlines of the mirror, wheels and wheel arches, as in our example.

How to draw a Mercedes-Benz

Step 3

So, starting with this step, we will use very clear and dark lines. We will begin the final drawing of the car with the front, carefully drawing the grille with the Mercedes-Benz logo and headlights.

How to sketch a Mercedes-Benz CLS step by step

Step 4

We continue to work on the front part of our Mercedes-Benz CLS and carefully draw out the outlines of the bumper with air intakes and a registration plate. Further we rise a little higher and with the help of long and smooth lines draw out the hood.

Mercedes-Benz CLS art

Step 5

Continuing the line of the hood, we carefully draw out the low roof of our car, which smoothly flows into the trunk. Next, carefully draw a very narrow line of windows, as shown in our example. Draw the mirror and move to the step number six.

Mercedes-Benz CLS art

Step 6

Let’s go down a little lower now and start drawing the side of the car’s body. Here we have to draw the lines of doors with door handles and the lower edge of the body. In the same step, draw out the visible back of the car and the decorative lines on the side.

Learn how to draw a Mercedes CLS step by step

Step 7

Now is probably the most difficult step of the lesson about how to draw a Mercedes-Benz CLS, in which we will draw the wheels. First, we need to very carefully draw out the shape of the wheels. After that, no less neatly draw out the rims.

Mercedes CLS drawing tutorial

Step 8

And the last step of the lesson about the Mercedes-Benz CLS, in which we will draw the shadows. With the help of hatching, apply shadows where the light does not fall. In the same step add a little glare on the windows and draw the texture of the grille using crossed lines.

Mercedes-Benz CLS drawing

In fact, this is our favorite car, and we really want our readers to be able to draw a Mercedes-Benz no worse than the artists of our site. And if you learned how to draw this car, then it remains only to buy it in real life and take care of insurance. What other cars do you want to see on our site? Write to us about it in the comments below this article or in our social networks.

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