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How to Draw a Girl Step by Step Easy

How to draw a girl step by step

In this guide, we will show you how to draw a girl step by step.  Today we will draw a girl in a business style. You can choose the options of clothing and appearance to your taste.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing with building stickman. This will help us immediately mark out the basic proportions and the pose of the character we are going to draw. In our case, we draw a woman and you can see the wide pelvis and narrow shoulders.

The height of a woman in our lesson is approximately equal to the sum of the lengths of six heads. The left knee should be slightly reduced to the right knee. The right arm should be bent at a right angle at the elbow.

How to draw a girl


Step 2

Let’s work with the contours of the torso. We have already said that the pelvis should be wide in proportion of narrow shoulders. However, you need to avoid abrupt transitions. The expansion from the chest to the pelvis should be very smooth.

The fact is that we now need to build an elegant female figure. If the transitions from one part of the body to another will be sharp, then the figure of our character will not look elegant.

Also according to the tradition in this step we will depict two intersecting lines. These will be excellent landmarks to draw facial features in the following steps. Both lines must divide the face into equal parts.

How to draw a girl step by step


Step 3

Let’s work with the limbs of a girl. The arms and legs look like smooth graceful cylinders that are connected using rounded shapes. Avoid very thin and very large lines in the limbs. The hips and legs must have very smooth curves. The contours of the arms of our heroine have no curves at all.

How to draw a girl step by step easy


Step 4

We have scheduled face lines earlier. Let’s use these landmarks now to draw facial features. Schematically draw the contours of the eyes, a little nose and mouth. The spacing between the mouth and the nose is much less than the spacing between the nose and the eyes. Note that facial features are slightly offset from the longitudinal line of symmetry.

How to draw a girl step by step for beginners


Step 5

We continue the lesson on how to draw a girl. With this step we will complete the work with her face. Hair should be drawn using smooth, symmetrical lines in the course from the roots to the tips.

Then proceed to the facial features. The vertical line of the nose should be strongly shifted to the right eye. Please note – this line is strongly offset from the center line of the face. The shape of the mouth largely reflects the character’s emotions. We chose a smile that makes the mouth as large as possible.

How to draw a girl step by step for beginners


Step 6

We work with the body. You can see a business shirt which is unbuttoned on the top button. Clothing should fit the waist, but at the same time it should not look tight. Otherwise, it will look like a comic book superhero outfit.

Be sure to draw the folds and slightly expand the outline of the shirts around these folds. Do not forget about the collar and buttons.

How to draw a girl easy


Step 7

So now we draw the arms of our girl in detail. The most difficult part in this step is working with the fingers. The fingers should be very smoothly tapering from the base to the tips. Small folds on the sleeves will make your drawing more natural.

Girl sketch


Step 8

We draw the final contours of the skirt and the part of the legs that is not covered by the skirt. The skirt should fit tight enough hips. Use the same contour for the longitudinal part of the thigh and the longitudinal part of the skirt. On the skirt draw a few horizontal folds.

There should be no lines inside the contours of the legs.

Girl drawing


Step 9

Now let’s make our girl drawing more voluminous and beautiful. to do this we will use dense and uniform hatching, which will draw in places hidden from the light. To make the shadows darker, and the drawing more contrast, we add another solid of hatching in the necessary places.

How to draw a girl step by step

It was another lesson about how to draw a girl step by step. If you were attentive to proportions and correctly drew the first 4 steps, you got either an excellent result or a good result with small errors that are easy to fix.


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