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How to Draw a Coat

how to draw a coat

Hello, dear artists. Strangely enough, one of the most popular categories on our site is “Clothes”. As the name implies, in this category we publish drawing lessons about various elements of clothing, for example pants or shirts. Today we decided to move to a warm kind of clothes and made a lesson about how to draw a coat.


Step 1

Take a pencil and using light lines sketch out the front surface of a coat with wide collars.

how to draw a coat

Step 2

On the sides of the figure from the previous step sketch out the sleeves in the form of long rectangles.

learn to draw a coat

Step 3

Now using clear and dark lines draw out the outlines of the coat, collar and buttons.

how to sketch a coat step by step

Step 4

Here we draw out the sleeves. Don’t forget to draw creases and seams, as shown in our example.

coat drawing tutorial

Step 5

Let’s give a little realism to our coat drawing. Draw seams with the help of short lines and add shadows using hatching.

how to draw a coat

So, today we showed you how to draw a coat step by step. Was this lesson useful to you? Your opinion is very important to us, so write it in the comments below this article or in our social networks.


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