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How to Draw a Ship

how to draw a ship

Today we will tell you about how to draw a ship. There are many straight lines and geometric shapes in this drawing lesson. Therefore, it will be quite a challenge even for experienced artists.

This lesson consists of ten simple steps. If you repeat each step exactly, you will get a very good result. Once you have completed these steps, you can draw the ships in your own design and angle.

Step 1

So, first draw a long, elongated trapezoid at the bottom of the piece of paper. The corners are located only on the left side of the drawing sheet, all other parts are smooth and rounded. It’s like the first step in drawing a fighter jet.

how to draw a ship easy


Step 2

Add another trapezoid to form the top of the ship’s hull. This is a larger trapezoid compared to the figure from the previous step.

how to draw a ship step by step

Step 3

So, we continue the guide about how to draw a ship. Depict the top of the deck of the ship. In the future, these will be cabin windows. Try to draw this without the help of a ruler for the best possible practice of your skills as an artist.

how to draw a ship step by step easy


Step 4

Now let’s start drawing the middle decks, which look like paired horizontal lines inside the trapezoid from the second step. Try to draw it as straight as possible.

how to draw a ship easy step by step

Step 5

This is the completion of the work of drawing the decks of our ship. Add three more smooth horizontal lines in the middle part of the ship’s hull.

ship drawing tutorial

Step 6

So, we are approaching the final of our drawing tutorial. In this step, we will draw two triangles at the top of the drawing, and also draw windows using short vertical sticks.

ship step by step drawing


Step 7

Add some more details. Repeat drawing the vertical sticks at the bottom of the ship. Add also dots in two rows as in our sample.

easy ship drawing for kids

Step 8

In this step, you can remove extra lines and check that all shapes are correct. Then, correct inaccuracies with a ruler if it is too noticeable.

ship drawing guide

Step 9

Let’s work with the shadows. Determine where the light is coming from. Apply a little shading to the areas of the ship that are blocked from the light. A more intense hatching is formed by two layers crosswise.

easy ship drawing guide

Step 10

As a result, you can see something like this picture. You can complicate this with more complex shadows or additional details.

how to draw a ship

We hope that this was a useful drawing lesson for you. Do not forget to write to us in the comments about how good the result you got. Either way, keep practicing your drawing skills to become the best.


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