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How to Draw French Fries

How to draw french fries

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw French fries – one of the most famous fast food dishes.

Earlier, the team of Drawingforall.net has shown you how to draw a wide variety of food many times. You can find these lessons in our category called Food.

Dishes are very different from each other, which means that different dishes are drawn differently.

This French fries drawing tutorial will be useful not only for those who want to learn how to draw French fries, but also who want to draw a still life with food.


Step 1

As always, let’s start with the most basic outlines. First of all, sketch out the outlines of the package of fries with a few light lines. Do not try to make the packaging too perfect in the beginning, because in the future we will change the shape and give the french fries drawing a more complete shape.

French fries drawing lesson

Step 2

Now let’s add the most important thing to our drawing – the fries. Sketch the outlines of the French fries slices with simple light lines, as shown in our illustration. These slices should not be too identical, as in reality we rarely see perfectly cut slices of fries.

How to draw fast food

Step 3

Now it’s time to give the French fries drawing a more complete and correct look. At first, draw the outlines of the slices with clearer and darker lines. Give them a more complete and beautiful look. Remember that the shape of the slices of the French fries must be different, as well as the size. Now using the same dark and crisp lines, carefully draw the package of the French fries, giving it a neater look.

How to draw fried potatoes

Step 4

To give the French fries drawing a more voluminous look, you need to draw shadows using hatching. Start from the darkest areas, gradually working towards the lighter ones. Leave the lightest areas of your French fries drawing untouched. To give your drawn fries even more volume, try adding additional layers of hatching to make the drawing more contrast and lively.

How to draw french fries

As we said, this drawing lesson can come in handy if you want to draw a still life with fast food. Try drawing fries next to a burger and pizza, adding a cup of coffee or soda. If you put all these objects correctly on a piece of paper, you will get a very beautiful still life. By the way, in our article on composition, we talked about what this composition consists of, and how to correctly build it on a piece of paper.

You can make your drawing of French fries even more realistic. For example, you can depict some logos on the packaging, or depict a cast shadow on the surface. This will give the whole drawing a more convincing look.

Do not forget that new drawing lessons about food and other interesting objects are constantly appearing on the pages of Drawingforall.net. Do not forget to visit our website as often as possible and subscribe to us on social networks so as not to miss new drawing tutorials.

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