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How to Draw a Croissant

How to draw a croissant

Perhaps, any of us can draw a croissant without any problems, but is it easy to draw this delicacy, so that it would be desirable to eat it? In this drawing lesson, the team of Drawingforall.net just wants to show you how to draw a croissant in the easiest way, but so that the result exceeds all expectations. In the four steps below, we tried to combine simplicity and realism of drawing a croissant.


Step 1

In order to draw a croissant correctly, first of all we need to draw a bean, or rather a bean-like shape. In fact, on the first site, we sketch just a curved oval using very light lines. Do not forget that all the first steps should be performed using very light lines.

Croissant drawing lesson

Step 2

We continue to draw a croissant. Now we draw a large number of slightly curved transverse lines, taking into account the croissant’s bend. The lines should not be too flat or the same.

How to sketch a croissant

Step 3

Now, with the help of clear and thick lines, we will correct the external contours of the croissant so that they are uneven. The croissant drawing should have a large number of folds that create such a recognizable type of this sweet sweet food.

How to draw a croissant

Step 4

What do we usually do in the final steps of our drawing lessons? Of course we will draw the shadows. Using light hatching, draw the shadows on the croissant and on the surface on which the croissant lies. If you did everything right, then your croissant drawing should be something like this.

How to draw a croissant

Now, we think that each of those who have read and been able to master this article will definitely be able to draw a croissant just as appetizing as if it had been baked by Gordon Ramsay. But we do not exclude the fact that you, dear readers of Drawingforall.net, could have encountered some difficulties. If this happened after all, be sure to let us know by writing to us on social networks or right here in the comments section below this article.

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