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How to Draw Food

How to draw food

Let’s draw something tasty. How about a wholesome and satisfying dish that everyone knows? We are talking about hot delicious pita with vegetable filling. This drawing guide is quite simple, but in the end, we have to get a pretty realistic food. So let’s start this lesson and find out how to draw food step by step.


Step 1

First, draw the contours of pita. The lines do not have to be perfectly even in this step. However, you should pay attention to the perspective. One half of the pita looks much larger than the other half of the pita because of the angle.

How to draw food step by step


Step 2

Let’s draw a smooth edge of pita. This edge lies on top of the rest of the pita as a blanket. In front you can see a large hole in which the filling is located. In our version, the filling is quite voluminous. You can draw smaller fillings.

How to draw a shawarma easy


Step 3

In this step we will draw the final contours of pita bread and fillings. We remove the extra lines so that the filling does not look transparent. If you want to simplify the drawing, you can just draw a sausage and a couple of lettuce leaves.

Food drawing tutorial


Step 4

Now we can work with shadows. At first we need to find the light source. In our example, the light comes from the upper left side, and we need to add hatching to the right side of the pita. Use light strokes for hatching. And do not forget to add the cast shadow to the surface.

How to draw food

It was a drawing tutorial on how to draw food. As an example of food, we decided to take a snack in a pita. We hope this guide was interesting and informative for you. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing tutorials from Drawingforall.net.


  1. Wow my teacher loved this pic! just got out of the classroom for a talk with my art teacher from high school. she was so impressed and asked me to teach her how to do it!!

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