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How to Draw Sushi

Sushi drawing

The team of Drawingforall.net loves delicious food. And while some of us love steaks and burgers, others of us love sashimi and sushi. And if you often visit the pages of our site, it is possible that you already know that we have already shown how to draw a steak and burger, and it’s time to show how to draw sushi. As you can see from the preview, this will be a very simple art instruction. It will consist of four literally elementary steps, each of which will have the simplest description.


Step 1

We will begin to draw sushi with the simplest lines. First of all, depict a figure with something similar to an american football. Then, using a curved line, separate the top of the fish from the bottom of the rice.

How to sketch sushi

Step 2

Now let’s create a sushi texture. Let’s start from the top, carefully outlining the texture lines of the fish. Consider the bend of the piece itself when sketching these lines. Next, with the help of a large number of randomly arranged curved lines, mark the texture of the rice.

How to draw food

Step 3

Let’s now make our sushi drawing more pure and beautiful. To do this, use an eraser to remove all unnecessary guidelines from your tasty picture. Darken the lines of the sushi drawing to make your picture even more clean and neat.

Sushi drawing tutorial

Step 4

So, it now remains to turn your sushi sketch into a real work of art. To do this, use dense hatching to draw the shadows, as shown in our picture below this description. Shadows will help your Japanese food drawing look more volumetric and solid.

How to draw sushi

So, above you could see those four elementary steps, with the help of which you had to learn how to draw sushi. The team of artists, editors and even chefs of our site sincerely hopes that you can cope with this task, and now you know how to depict a sushi. If you coped with everything without problems, then try to sketch a slightly different version of sushi, adding a piece of nori or shrimp instead of fish.

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  1. Thanks for the steps the really helped now I can draw sushi really well!!!

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