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How to Draw a Pizza

How to draw a pizza

One of the most famous dishes in the world is pizza. And the team of drawingforall.net is also not indifferent to this dish. We love pizzas of all kinds (except for pizza with pineapples and anchovies). So today we will show how to draw a pizza – one of the most ingenious works of cooking.


Step 1

The pizza drawing lesson begins with a simple oval. Outline the contours of the pizza as shown in the example below.

How to draw a pizza

Step 2

Now draw cuts on the surface of the pizza. Try to make the slices of the pizza about the same size.

How to draw a pizza step by step

Step 3

Now let’s outline the pizza stuffing. Depending on the type of pizza, the filling will be different.

How to draw a pizza easy

Step 4

To make the pizza more realistic and appetizing, we will add shadows. This we traditionally do with the help of hatching.

Pizza drawing

Today we showed how to draw pizza. We drew classic pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. But of course you can draw any other kind of pizza, for example, four cheeses or Neapolitan pizza. By the way, this and our other drawing lessons are already in short form on Pinterest.

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