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How to Draw a Nut

How to draw a nut

What could be easier than learn how to draw a nut? Today we will show you that it is incredibly easy, and at the same time at the end of the lesson you will get a fairly realistic nut drawing.


Step 1

First draw a normal oval. Try to make this oval as smooth as possible.

How to draw a nut

Step 2

Now, using two straight, short lines draw the side surfaces and draw a bottom with a curved line.

How to draw a nut

Step 3

Now draw a circular hole in the center of the nut and the edges using straight lines.

Learn to draw a nut step by step

Step 4

Erase all unnecessary lines, draw out the outlines of the nut and the thread inside the hole.

Nut drawing tutorial

Step 5

Now we add shadows by hatching, not forgetting to take into account the angle of incidence of light.

How to draw a nut

As we said at the beginning of our drawing lesson, it was easy to learn how to draw a nut. The whole process of drawing was divided into five very simple steps with incredibly simple lines. But maybe you could face some difficulties, if it happened – let us know about it.

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