How to Draw a Cup

6 how to draw a cup

Today we created the new drawing tutorial for you, in which we will tell you how to draw a cup. It is a pretty easy tutorial, but in the final we should get the realistic cup.

So, let’s start the tutorial!


Step 1

First, depict the contours of the cup and handle, which is very similar to the ear. In the first step, you should draw the cup using very light lines, as we did in our example. We will not use the dark lines in the first steps, so that in subsequent steps it will be easier to erase unnecessary lines and make the necessary changes to the cup drawing.

1 how to draw a tea cup

Step 2

Then outline the top of the cup using a shape of a flat oval. This figure will be called an ellipse. As you can see, our cup drawing is slowly beginning to take on clearer shapes.

teacup drawing

Step 3

Draw the edges and lower part of the cup and move to step three. To make your cup drawing look more beautiful and clear, try to keep proportionality. To check the proportions of your drawing, just bring it to the mirror, and then all the errors in the proportions will become noticeable.

how to draw a cup step by step

Step 4

At this stage draw the handle of our cup. Depict this item using the guideline from the first step. At this stage, it becomes even more similar to the human ear. Our cup drawing is almost complete. What is left to make the drawing complete? Of course we are talking about the shadows.

how to draw

Step 5

Add some shadows to your cap drawing. Perhaps, in today’s lesson on how to draw a cup, quite simply, this step will be the most difficult. First, determine where the light source, and it is in this case the left. The shadows should be applied using hatching. If you want to make the shadows darker, just add a new layer of hatching.

how to draw a cup of tea step by step

It was a lesson devoted to how to draw a cup. We want to mention, that this is one of our first lessons about how to draw dishes, in the future we will publish a lot of different similar items. To keep abreast of all drawing tutorials, subscribe to us on social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. In Pinterest, for example, we constantly publish shortened versions of our drawing lessons, including this instruction on how to draw a cup, and on Facebook we publish announcements of our future art articles. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing lessons. Goodbye!

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