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How to Draw a Doctor

how to draw a doctor


Hello! Today’s drawing lesson we dedicate to the noblest and popular profession in any society – we have prepared for you a lesson on how to draw a doctor. Let’s start the lesson.


Step 1

At first we need to sketch out the skeleton of the doctor. At first outline the head, using an oval. Using a line, draw the spine. The length of the spine is approximately equal to two heights of the head. Sketch out the hands and legs. The height of the legs is equal of the height of the spine.

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Step 2

Let’s add some flesh to the doctor. Draw the lines of the facial symmetry. The vertical line will help us to find the center of the face. At the center draw the horizontal line, which will help us to draw the eyes. Mark the line of the nose and hairline. Using a big cylinder draw the torso. Using cylinders draw the hands and legs.

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Step 3

Draw the eyes, which located right on the horizontal line from the previous step. Just below the eyes draw the nose, which is loceted on the vertical line. Draw the smiling mouth. Using couple of curved lines draw the brows.

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Step 4

Draw the line of the chin and cheekbones. Sketch out the wrinkles as in our example. Draw the ears, which located on the line of the eyes. Draw the hair. At first draw the outline of the haircut. Using dark strokes paint the hair. Sketch out the neck and collar of the shirt.

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Step 5

Start adding the details of the upper part of the body of the doctor. Sketch out the collar of the gown and tie. Draw the loose sleeves of the gown. Draw the hands. If you want learn more, visit our drawing lesson about how to draw hands.

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Step 6

Erase the guidelines from the torso and hands. Circle the lines, and, make them smooth and clean. Add some folds to the gown, as in our example below.

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Step 7

Erase the guidelines from the lower part of the body and legs. Draw the lower part of the gown. Add the pockets and buttons to the gown of the doctor. Outline the legs and shoes.

How to Draw a doctor


Step 8

We are at the finish line of the tutorial on how to draw a doctor. Erase all the remaining guidelines. Circle the lines to make the drawing clearer. Add some folds on the lower edge of the pants. Draw the shoes and move to the next step.

How to Draw a doctor step by step


Step 9

So, we on the last step of the drawing lesson, about how to draw a doctor. In order to get 3D effect and realism to the doctor, we need to add shadows. At first we need to find the source of the light. The light falls from the upper right side of the drawing. So we add the shadows to the areas where the light doesn’t fall. Using hatching add the shadows.

How to Draw a doctor


We hope this drawing lesson helped you how to draw a doctor. Draw the doctor from different angles and in different poses. Only practice will help you to improve your drawing skills.


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