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How to Draw Captain Marvel from Marvel

how to draw Captain Marvel

Hello, dear artists and comic book fans. In today’s drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw Captain Marvel from Marvel. In fact, Captain Marvel is a name that was worn by several characters from the Marvel universe. Moreover, there is a character in DC universe, whose name is also Captain Marvel. And, as you already guessed, we will draw Carol Danvers.


Step 1

So, first of sketch out the head in the form of an oval. Next, draw a neck that goes into the spine. On the spine sketch out the chest and pelvis. Let’s pay attention, that at women the hips are wider than at men and shoulders narrower than at men. Sketch out the arms and legs with the help of usual lines.

how to draw Captain Marvel

Step 2

On the head draw two lines intersecting right in the center of the face. Next sketch out the neck in the form of a cylinder. After that sketch out a torso, which strongly narrows in the waist and widens in the hips. Next, outline the arms and hands. Draw the legs that widen in the hips and narrow in the knees.

how to draw Captain Marvel from marvel comics

Step 3

Now let’s work with the details. First of all sketch out a short hairstyle. On the horizontal line draw out the eyes and eyebrows. Next sketch out a small nose and plump lips. Next, using smooth lines, draw out the details from the previous step. At the end of the step outline the details of the clothes and the logo.

how to draw Captain Marvel

Step 4

Let us now begin to work with the final details. Carefully draw out the hair of our Captain Marvel. Next, outline the contours of the face. Draw out the eyes with pupils, eyebrows, nose and lips. Do not forget to draw out the ears and erase all unnecessary guidelines from the head.

how to draw a girl superhero

Step 5

Now let’s move on to the torso of Captain Marvel. Using clear and smooth lines draw out the contours of the torso, not forgetting about the curves of the body, which are visible from under the clothes. Next, draw out the seams and the logo of the star on the chest.

how to draw Captain Marvel from marvel

Step 6

Let’s now move to the arms of our character. Just like in the previous step, using clear and dark lines draw out the contorus of the arms, taking into account the curves under the clothes. Then draw hands (in order to learn more about this, visit the lesson on how to draw hands).

how to draw Captain Marvel step by step

Step 7

Let’s go down a bit and draw a fabric belt with a lot of folds. Next, with the help of dark and curved lines, we draw the outline of the legs. Draw a few muscles on the legs, outlines of the knees and shoes. Do not forget to sketch a few folds.

Captain Marvel drawing

Step 8

We finally got to the last step of the drawing lesson about how to draw Captain Marvel. In the last step of all lessons we always add shadows, this lesson is no exception. Here, we use hatching to add shadows, although we usually use another technique for drawing shadows (as in the lessons about Spier-Man or Apocalypse).

how to draw Captain Marvel


So, Captain Marvel drawing is ready. If this lesson was really interesting for you, then visit our other lessons from the “comics” category on our website. Also be sure to subscribe to us in social networks and share our tutorials.

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