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How to Draw Apocalypse from Marvel

How to draw Apocalypse
Hello! Today we will draw one of the most frightening monsters of the universe Marvel. As you can see we will show you how to draw Apocalypse from Marvel

Step 1

The first step is drawing of the stickman. We see the figure of a very large, strong man. Our hero has very broad shoulders and a large pelvis. By the way we have a hypersthenic type of build.

How to draw Apocalypse

Step 2

In the second step of all lessons about comics characters we always add volume to the stickman. So in this step we will do the same action.

How to draw Apocalypse from Marvel


Step 3

Let’s draw the details of the monstrous image of our character. In this step we will sketch out the details of the face and outline the contours of the armor.

 How to draw Apocalypse from X Men


Step 4

Now we will draw the facial features of Apocalypse. His face should look very frightening and surreal. Just look at this eerie crooked mouth.

How to draw Apocalypse step by step

Step 5

So we continue a drawing tutorial in which we tell you about how to draw Apocalypse from Marvel. Draw a pentagonal collar. Then draw the shoulder pads, wide pectoral muscles and the logo of our hero on the belt.

How to Apocalypse  draw super-villain

Step 6

Let’s draw out the arms. Draw out the muscles of the arms and huge unusual gloves with hoses that go behind the back. The forearms seem especially large due to the massive bracelets.How to draw a super-villain


Step 7

Here we will draw the pelvis and legs in detail. Draw out the outlines of the muscles on the legs and the unusual boots of Apocalypse.

Apocalypse drawing tutorial


Step 8

The last step of this lesson is working with shadows. First, draw out the contours of the areas where the shadows will be located.

Then darken these areas with a soft pencil. Ideally, you’ll get shadows that look like thick black spots. This is how the artists of the comic style paint the shadows.

How to draw Apocalypse

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