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How to Draw a Chibi Girl

how to draw a chibi girl

Chibi is an anime character style with a small body and a large head almost commensurate to him. Chibi always look more cute and simplistic compared to regular appearances of characters. In this style are drawn personages of manga, comics, cartoons and other characters from the mass culture of the whole world. But in order to draw certain heroes or villains, you first need to know the basic principles of drawing in this cute style, so today we are going show and tell you how to draw a chibi girl.

Step 1

First, we will draw a large oval. Place it on top of the sheet. As you probably guessed, we drew a contours of the head of the chibi girl. The first four steps are just preparation for drawing, so do not try to draw out all the lines too perfect and dark.

how to draw a chibi girl

Step 2

Now let’s draw a small narrow shape of the torso. The length of the body is almost equal to the length of the head. Don’t forget to draw a short but noticeable neck. Note that the hips in the figure of the girl should be noticeably wider than the shoulders.

how to sketch out a chibi girl

Step 3

In this step we will draw the outlines of the legs and arms. In fact, these proportions are not quite typical for Сhibi, because usually the legs of Chibi are much smaller. Another important thing: the bodies of chibi women and chibi men have the same proportions usually.

anime art drawings

Step 4

With the help of two light movements we sketch the lines of symmetry of the chibi girl’s face. Also, our task in this step is to draw a hairstyle silhouette. You can make the hair of the girl shorter or longer. Also, you can make completely different haircut. By the way, do not forget to draw the contours of clothing.

anime chibi cute

Step 5

Now let’s draw a big expressive eyes. Draw dark eyelashes and pupils with glare. A very important note is that chibi eyes almost always occupy a significant part of the head, but their eyes sometimes look like ordinary points. By the way, you can practice drawing eyes in this anime drawing lessons.

how to draw chibi characters step

Step 6

In this step we will draw out the hairstyle of this cute character and contours of her face. First, gently draw out the smooth lines of the jaw and cheeks. Then draw the eyebrows, which should be high enough above the eyes. We finish the step by drawing the hair with dark lines and removing unnecessary guidelines from the face.

anime chibi drawing

Step 7

Here we will draw out the upper body of the chibi girl. The figure of chibi is usually not very similar to that of an ordinary human, but in this lesson we made our chibi girl a little more look like a real girl. Try to convey all the details of the body using the most simple lines.

how to draw a chibi girl step by step

Step 8

Now we have to draw out the lower body of the girl. By very smooth lines draw the legs, which first expand in the hips, then narrow in the knee area. To make a drawing more realistic, add folds and seams.

how to draw a chibi girl

Thank you for reading our lesson about how to draw a Chibi Girl. At the end of the step we will give you some interesting and important information:

  • First of all, do not forget that this lesson will be useful for drawing almost any character in chibi style, since all chibi have a similar drawing scheme;
  • In this lesson, we drew a chibi in a rather complicated way, but you can simplify your drawings even more, for example, by drawing the eyes in the form of dots or by drawing fewer details on your body and clothes;
  • You can greatly improve your drawing skills by starting drawing this picture changing different details, such as hair style or clothes;
  • Another way to improve your drawing skills is to try to draw the limbs and head in different positions;
  • You can also color your chibi pattern, just use pastel colors, and then your drawing will be even sweeter.

This drawing lesson was dedicated to all anime lovers, and was drawn by the great lovers of this style of fine art, and if chibi and anime is close to you too, then do not forget to tell about this lesson with those who may be interested in this section of art.


  1. Very nice. I drew this myself and was very successful, thanks to you guys! You’re very talented!

  2. Omigosh well done guys this is so helpful. But if possible, just work a little on the eyes….they are a little hard to draw.. But except that, exceptional work!

  3. this did not help at all i hate this website or at least make it easier because i have now gone through 2 a3 sheets of paper trying over and over to get it right

    1. um please be quiet its not even that hard all it is lines and if you can’t draw lines you need to learn how theirs a tutorial on this website , i know its your opinion but some are better left un said …

    2. You just need practice 😊 this is a really great website when you get used to it!

  4. Thanks for helping! The eyes are a little harder tan necessary, but this is EXTREMELY helpful. Keep up the good work! Literally and figurately XD


  6. Loved to draw her! Please put more things to draw in the Chibi section!

  7. It’s really helpful, and this website is good, but even though it’s Chibi, I think it would be better if you add a nose

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