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How to Draw a Doll

doll drawing

Hello everybody. In this drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw a doll. Dolls are made according to the example of the human body, this means that in this lesson, the principles of drawing a human will be applied.


Step 1

So, first of all draw a circle, as a guide for the head. Next, outline the spine on which the thorax and pelvis are located. Sketch out arms and legs and move to step number two.

how to draw a doll

Step 2

On the head draw two lines that intersect at the center of the face. Next draw a short neck and torso. Sketch out the shoulders in the form of circles. Next, outline the arms and slightly curved legs.

How to sketch a doll

Step 3

Now let’s add some basic details on the body of our doll. On the horizontal line from the previous step sketch out the eyes. Just below drew the mouth. At the end of the step draw hair and tiara.

Doll sketch

Step 4

With the help of clear and dark lines draw outlines of the eyes and pupils. Next draw out the eyelashes, eyebrows and small nose. Make the outlines of the hair and face dark and remove all unnecessary lines from the head.

How to draw a american girl doll

Step 5

Draw the details of the clothes on the upper part of the body of our doll. Draw out the bowknot and add some folds. Carefully draw out the arms and fingers as in our example.

How to draw a doll  step by step

Step 6

Now let’s work with the lower part of the body of our doll. Draw a wide skirt and a lot of folds on it. Next draw plump legs and shoes.

How to draw a doll


It was a lesson about how to draw a doll step by step. By the way, applying this lesson you will be able to draw a child, because the principles of drawing dolls and children will be approximately the same. Also we would like to tell about general features of doll drawing. Firstly, the doll’s body is made of synthetic materials, the doll has no joints and real bones. That is, we do not need to try to make our doll too much like a human. It should have a congealed expression, and its arms and legs should be in a static, not too natural pose.


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