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How to Draw Catwoman

learn to How to Draw Catwoman

So…hi! After this long break we a new drawing lesson. And you can see, we will draw Catwoman from the DC universe.


Step 1

First, we draw a stickman (in this case we have stickwoman of course). The figure and the pose of Catwoman have a few distinctive features:

  • Growth is equal to the sum of the lengths of the 6 goals;
  • The pelvis is considerably wider than shoulders;
  • The legs form a figure similar to an hourglass;
  • The head on the neck are arranged asymmetrically.

How to Draw Catwoman


Step 2

OK. Now is the time to add a little volume. The worst thing you can do is draw massive muscular figure because Catwomans’s body type is very womanish and graceful.

How to Draw Catwoman

Step 3

So we have a silhouette. Let’s detail it and draw two pairs of the circles (eyes and glasses) and triangles (ears).

How to Draw Catwoman from dc


Step 4

If we have a task to draw a woman, we should be very careful to draw a face. Draw plump lips, small nose and almond eyes.

How to Draw Catwoman with a pencil

Step 5

And we continue the lesson where we talk about how to draw Catwoman. It’s time to work on the details of the upper part of the trunk. Draw a rounded breasts and clavicles. As you can see, the clavicles look like a pair of horizontal sticks.

How to Draw Catwoman step by step


Step 6

In this step we will draw hands. Gloves should be much wider and more voluminous than hands.

learn to Draw Catwoman


Step 7

Now we just repeat the same actions from the two prvious steps. But now we have to work with the pelvis and legs. Fortunately these areas have less details. Don’t forget to paint the soles, heels, and a pair of pleated fabric around the knees.

learn to How to Draw Catwoman

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