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How to Draw Baby Yoda (The Child)

How to draw baby Yoda

We just could not get past this, in fact. The entire Internet is full of jokes and memes about little Yoda. Actually this guy is not even Yoda. This is a representative of the same race whom we saw in the series about the Mandalorian. Nevertheless, it is insanely popular, and that is why we created a guide on how to draw baby Yoda.


Step 1

First, we will draw approximate contours of the head and torso of our star baby. The head is very large, as you can see. The width and length of the head significantly exceed the size of the body. By the way, this is a pretty sure way to draw a baby.

You can see roughly the same proportions in the lesson about drawing a human child.

How to draw baby Yoda easy

Step 2

Now we outline the contours of two almond-shaped eyes. Eyes should be very large, pay attention to this. The lower edge of the eyes should approximately coincide with the lower 1/3 of the face.

How to draw baby Yoda step by step

Step 3

Add a small nose and mouth. The nose should be higher than the lower edge of the eyes. The mouth consists of three lines with a smooth bend.

How to draw baby Yoda step by step easy

Step 4

What else is noteworthy in the figure and proportions of our character? Of course these are ears. Our hero has huge pointed ears that are located almost horizontally. Please note that the true Master Yoda has smaller ears.

How to draw baby Yoda mem

Step 5

This guy has really huge ears. Let’s work with this feature to make the little alien more realistic. In this step we will depict the auricles. Do not forget about a couple of vertical strokes on each side

How to draw baby Yoda meme

Step 6

In this step we apply wrinkles and skin folds. As you can see, this is not a sign of old age. So, first we draw circles above and below the eyes. After that, we draw three vertical wrinkles between the eyes that look like the pattern of the Spider-Man mask. Then we add horizontal wavy lines to the forehead. At the end of the lesson, we draw small but important lines above the nose and mouth.

baby yoda drawing tutorial

Step 7

Now we outline the contours of the warm collar. Also, in this step we outline a couple of vertical lines on the body of our character.

baby yoda drawing

Step 8

Let’s finish the basic body contours. To do this, we need to outline the contours of the sleeves that are trimmed with warm fur on the distal parts.

baby yoda drawing easy

Step 9

Remember the paws of Master Yoda? By the way, he was the greatest Jedi who masterfully owned a lightsaber. In this step we will draw the same paws with small sharp nails.

baby yoda drawing easy step by step

Step 10

Let’s look at our baby Yoda. We will evaluate the correct proportions and individual details. If you do not see distortions or inaccuracies, you can safely erase excess guide lines and proceed to the final steps.

baby yoda drawing step by step

Step 11

Let’s apply some shadows. You can see the shadows inside the ears of our little Yoda, under his collar and quite a bit on his face. Large shadows are best applied in two steps. First, we draw the outline of the shadow and then cover it with light shading. Very small shadows can be drawn without an outline.

baby yoda drawing guide

Step 12

This is the final result of our work. We hope your little Yoda looks even cooler.

How to draw baby Yoda

t was a drawing guide on how to draw Baby Yoda (the Child). We are waiting for new ideas from you about what we could draw with us. Do not forget to visit our site!


    1. Yes I agree it should be younger Baby Yoda or the child because we do not know if it is a clone or not or what it is.

      1. to be honest, they literally named this “HOW TO DRAW BABY YODA (THE CHILD)”.

  1. Cool! I skipped the shading stuff though, it was just to much!!! lol it’s an amazing drawing!!!

  2. you did a marvoulous job on this but i didn’t everybody says that mine looks scary i wish i knew how to draw like you guys. i can barly draw good to be honest i can’t even draw good every tim i get done drawing it looks horrable im not good at anything i think im just a nobody.

    1. I know how you feel im the same can’t draw good all my work looks like poo

    2. This is an odd thing to do. But, I learned it years ago when I took a drawing class… try drawing upside down. If that doesn’t work, try starting by drawing your hand without looking at your sketchbook. Then draw whatever your heart desires. Both techniques are designed to get you into your artistic brain and out of your logical parts.

  3. but it’s cute.
    but it looks nothing like baby yoda.
    dont want 2 be mean.
    anyway im not pretty if u ask people in my class and if u ask me.

  4. i also skipped the shadding part because it as 2 much.
    i’m 11 years old bout 2 turn 12 in 16 days.
    my birthday is feb 26 2008.
    2 day it’s feb 10 2020 2day is my baby brothers birthday hes turning 5.

  5. this is great! I’m an art teacher and my students loved it! They decorate the hallway.

  6. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It turned out great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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