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How to Draw a Baby for Beginners



Have a nice day everyone! Today we will show you how to draw a baby.

It’s very easy tutorial, we made this lesson in cartoon style. So let’s start to known how to draw a baby for beginners!


Step 1

First draw the head. Little childrens’ head size proportioonally bigger that adult’s head, don’t forget about it. Also nt this step draw line of face simmetry and line which will show the position of the eyes.



Step 2

Using other size cirles and drawing the eyes. The position of the pupil is very main thing becouse it shows the direction baby looking.




Step 3

Draw the baby’s hand and nipple, which he holds in his right arm.



Step 4

The last step of this lesson is drawing the lower part of the body and legs. Also in this step draw  crest on his head



It was very easy tutorial, we hope everyone was able to do it. We see a next day, bye!

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