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How to Draw Anime Hair

How to draw anime hair

Today, with the help of a few short and simple steps, the team of Drawingforall.net will show and tell how to draw anime hair, both male and female. Drawingforall.net artists and editors want to show you how to draw anime in all dates. On our website, we want to create lessons both about specific characters and more basic lessons about developing up an anime figure, which include this lesson on how to draw anime hair.


Step 1

Despite the fact that this instruction is devoted specifically to drawing anime hair, we still need to depict the head, because we are unlikely to draw anime hair flying in the air. The head of the anime people can be of any shape, but we decided to choose the most standard, similar to an inverted egg, created by light lines.

How to draw anime hair easy

Step 2

With light lines depict the contours of the hairstyle. No matter what anime hairstyle you are creating – the main thing is to depict the basic outlines. Anime hair most often looks very expressive, so depict an anime haircut using light, but long and expressive lines.

How to draw anime hair step by step

Step 3

Now let’s make the hair more detailed. Start by creating additional lines and mark the location of the crown of hair. You can make some of the hair sticking out to give more life to a hair sketch. Further, using clear lines trace the anime hair as shown in the example of Drawingforall.net below.

How to draw anime hair male

Step 4

Now take an eraser and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the hair. Next, you can add line of hair roots. Next depict shadows to make your anime hair drawing more voluminous, three-dimensional and solid.

How to draw anime hair

Above, we showed you how to draw anime hair of a man, and below we will describe in three steps how to draw anime hair of a woman.


Step 1

As in the previous drawing, let’s depict the anime head with an egg-like figure. You can also outline a neck.

How to draw anime hair female

Step 2

Now, with the help of long and smooth lines, depict the outlines of the hair. In our example, this is a long bob haircut.

Anime hair drawing

Step 3

Now remove all unnecessary guidelines from the head. You can also add some shadows, as in the previous example.

How to draw anime hair

Above, you could see basic sketches, with the help of which you can draw absolutely any male and female haircuts. For example, below you can see several examples of haircuts that are depicted by the method you saw above.

Anime hair drawings

Try to draw anime hair of different types, from different points of view, from imagination, from photography and from memory. Visit our category called “Anime” on Drawingforall.net to continue the deepening into art of anime.


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