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How to Draw a Chibi

How to draw chibi

How to draw a chibi? In this incredibly simple seven-step drawing lesson the team of Drawingforall.net will show and tell you how to draw a chibi easily and simply. We already have a whole section of chibi drawing on Drawingforall.net, where we usually show how to draw specific people in this wonderful style. But we decided to collect all the principles and tricks of drawing a chibi in one article, so that using the steps below, you could draw any character in the chibi style.


Step 1

To properly draw a chibi, you need to know some very important principles. The first thing to remember is that chibi always have a disproportionately large head and small body. In the first step we sketch a big head, and a torso, which is approximately equal in height to the head. Connect the head and torso with a pair of simple lines.

How to draw chibi

Step 2

Another distinctive feature of the chibi is large eyes, located low enough on the face. Sketch the horizontal line of the lower edge of the eyes and the vertical line of the center of the face. Next, we need to outline the arms and legs, which must be made with very simple geometric shapes.

Chibi drawing guide

Step 3

For now, our chibi sketch looks more like a small puppet, and starting from the third step we will add the most visible and general details. Being guided by the lines from step two, outline two very large pupils and upper eyelashes, forming the eyes. Next, we outline the mouth and hair with a large number of simple and light lines.

Chibi drawing tutorial

Step 4

Now add some details to the torso and limbs. In our example, the chibi guy is wearing a jacket, t-shirt and jeans. But of course you can dress your chibi in a classic costume or any other clothes. Anyway, mark all the details of the clothes with very light lines, as did the artists of Drawingforall.net.

How to draw chibi for beginners

Step 5

We now proceed to the final details in the chibi drawing. First, circle the pupils and thicken the eyelashes. Next, draw the eyebrows and a small mouth. By the way, in the style of chibi very rarely depict a nose. Trace hair, ears and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the chibi head.

How to draw chibi easy

Step 6

Now we need to detail the body, or rather, we need to draw in detail the clothes that chibi is wearing. With very dark and sharp lines, circle all the details of the torso, arms and legs. Use an eraser to remove any remaining unnecessary guidelines from the chibi drawing.

Chibi drawing

Step 7

The chibi drawing is almost complete, and we just have to give it a bit more volume by drawing shadows. Let’s start with the eyes, painting the pupils with hatching and leaving small highlights. Next, with the help of hatching, add the shadows under the hair, chin, T-shirt at the lower part of the pants.

How to draw chibi

We hope that with the help of our lesson it was easy for you to understand the principle of drawing chibi. To consolidate your skills, try to draw a chibi in different clothes, a different pose and under different viewing angles. For a more detailed study of the chibi sketching style, visit our eponymous category.


  1. Stepan ur such a great artist! Did you go to art collegee? mine looked like a anime blob when I was done T-T

      1. My one looked nice but the eyes were too close to each other. You are amazing artist and your tutorial helped me so much

  2. Honestly I have made chibi’s so this wasn’t to hard but I suggest making a tutorial on hands for some others such as my brother.(He tried drawing hands but that made it look like Ryuk from Death note.)

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