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How to Draw a Girl Easy

How to draw a girl easy

In this simple art instruction the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw a girl easy. The principles of building a female figure are not much different from the construction of a male. There are a few differences that are due to evolution and physiology that you should be aware of. And in this lesson about drawing a girl, we will try to consider them all.


Step 1

To properly draw a girl body, first of all you need to depict her skeleton. Let’s start with the girl’s head, sketching it in the form of an oval, under which we will sketch a spine line. On the top of this line we mark the chest, and on the lowe part sketch the pelvis. Complete the step by sketching the limbs.

How to draw a girl easy

Step 2

To correctly and accurately draw the girl’s face, we have to draw two lines intersecting in the center of the head. Next, depict the girl’s neck in the form of a simple cylinder. Now depict the torso. An important feature of the torso of the girl is that it tapers at the waist and expands at the hips, unlike the torso of a man.

How easy to draw a girl

Step 3

Now we draw the limbs of the girl. Let’s start with the hands, outlining them in the form of long and slightly modified cylinders. Next, sketch the legs, that extend in the upper part and taper at the knees. Depict all joints in the form of simple circles. We conclude the third stage by charting the hands and feet.

How to sketch a girl

Step 4

Now we outline the most noticeable details on the girl drawing. Let’s start with the head, marking the eyes on the horizontal line drawn in the second stage. Then sketch out the neat nose and smiling mouth. With the help of long and smooth lines, mark the hair lying on the shoulders.

How to draw a girl for beginners

Step 5

Now let’s get down to the basic details on the girl’s body. With short lines, separate the fingers, like the artists of Drawingforall.net did. Then sketch the outlines of clothes and shoes. The basic sketch of the girl is complete, and starting from the sixth step we will work with the final details.

How to draw a cute girl easy

Step 6

Using clear and dark lines, trace the eyes, draw the pupils in them, and draw the eyebrows above the eyes. Next, depict the nose, as is done in our example. After that, draw out the plump lips and outlines of the teeth. Finish the stage by depicting the hair and erasing all the guidelines from the girl’s head.

How to draw a girl easy step by step

Step 7

Trace the neck, and sketch the line of the neck muscle. Next, draw the shoulders and torso, as is done in our picture. When drawing the torso, consider all the curves of the body under clothing. Do not forget to draw the clavicle lines and add some folds to the clothes as well as erase unnecessary guidelines from the torso.

Drawing girl easy

Step 8

Trace the arms using clear and smooth lines. Next, draw the hands, paying particular attention to the fingers, so that they are proportional and beautiful. The arms of the girls are mostly refined and thinner than the men’s, so there is no need to draw a lot of muscles.

Drawing of a girl easy

Step 9

Gently trace the legs, starting from the hips and moving down. Note that the legs should be wide in the hips, then bend the knees, and again expand in the calf muscles. Draw the feet in the shoes and erase all the remaining auxiliary guidelines from the girl drawing.

Girl drawing easy

Step 10

To make your artwork more volumetric and realistic, you should add some shadows. Use light hatching and mark it in those places, where it is shown in the drawing from the artists of Drawingforall.net. In order to properly draw the shadows, first imagine where the light falls from, then with that in mind, add shadows to the necessary places.

Girl drawing

The lesson on how to draw a girl easy completed, and we hope that this lesson was really easy. Write to us if you could learn to draw a girl with this art instruction. And also write to us what difficulties you encountered in the process of drawing.


    1. If your drawing doesn’t look like ours, then don’t despair. Just practice, draw in your spare time, and your drawing skill will definitely grow.

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