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How to Draw Anime Girl Eyes

So, today we will tell you about how to draw anime girl eyes. This is a pretty important drawing tutorial, because eyes are one of the most important parts of anime style.

We already have quite a few tutorials about anime, but practicing drawing eyes is always very useful for an anime fan. This time we have made the most simple guide that will suit artists of any level.

So let’s get this started. We hope you get great results.

Step 1

First, draw rough guidelines for the location of the eyes. If you are drawing the eyes, place it right in the center of the paper. The horizontal line is strongly displaced downwards.

Step 2

Secondly, draw the contours of the eyes. Due to the anime style, it looks like two ovals that are elongated vertically. Do not try to create perfectly even shapes. However, be guided by the symmetry of these shapes relative to the lines from the last step.

Step 3

Pupils are a very important element in drawing eyes – and in anime style too. Always the location of the pupils forms the direction of gaze. If the pupils move slightly towards the center, this forms a close gaze.

Step 4

In this step draw the outlines of the eyelids. This is much easier than in our lesson about the anatomy of the eye. In anime style, it looks like a crescent moon or the Nike logo.

Step 5

Draw long curved eyelashes. The longest and largest eyelashes are located most laterally, as in our example. In anime style, eyelashes are often very large and detailed.

Step 6

Add small shadows above the eyelashes. This is necessary if you want to emphasize women’s eyes. In case you are drawing male anime eyes you can just skip this step.

Step 7

Erase all extra lines from the previous steps. Make more contrasting shadows and dark areas. Correct any mistakes from the previous steps.

So, we hope you got a great result. Do not forget to write us in the comments about what else you would like to see on our site. We really look forward to your feedback!


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