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How to Draw a Mirror

How to Draw a Mirror

In this lesson we will tell you how to draw a mirror. This lesson is very busy with straight lines. If you have trouble drawing simple geometric shapes and lines, you’ll get some great training today.

A mirror is a rather unusual object to draw on. There are many different shapes you can choose from. It can be a round or oval mirror. In our case, we decided to draw an ordinary rectangular mirror in a thin wooden frame.

So let’s start this lesson on how to draw a mirror. This won’t be too easy, especially if you’re not confident in drawing straight lines. But after this lesson your skill will definitely improve!

Step 1

First, draw two parallel vertical lines like in our example. Try not to use any auxiliary tools to create straight lines.

How to Draw a Mirror Easy


Step 2

Secondly, connect these vertical lines using two horizontal lines. The lower line is more oblique than the upper one, however, the upper one is also located at a slight angle.

How to Draw a Mirror Easy Step by Step


Step 3

This will be a really simple step. Add two vertical lines that are parallel to the lines from the first step. Drawing lines without a ruler will greatly improve your skill as an artist.

Mirror drawing tutorial


Step 4

In this step, we will finish drawing the basic outlines of our mirror. Draw two more lines that will be parallel to the lines from the second step. Please note that these should be as parallel lines as possible.

Mirror easy drawing tutorial


Step 5

Now we will work with the details, this is also very important. Add two more horizontal and one vertical line, which will create a volume effect. The distance between the lines is a critical thing in these steps.

Mirror easy drawing tutorial


Step 6

Add another long vertical line and connect it with two short strokes to the main outline. Ideally, it should look like a 3D figure.

easiest way to draw a mirror

Step 7

Check the actions of all previous steps. Evaluate the parallelism of the lines of our mirror. Correct any inaccuracies if you find them. After that, add a small shading to the inner frames of the mirror and a couple of oblique lines to the mirror itself.

step by step mirror drawing


Step 8

Remove extra lines from the entire mirror design. Check again the accuracy and correctness of the lines of each step.

How to Draw a Mirror

You can make this drawing more complex if you get a great result. Inside the outline of the mirror you can draw a face or any other object.

You can also try drawing it from a different angle. In any case, the more you practice drawing, the better your skills will become. Therefore, we are waiting for you on the pages of our website!

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