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How to Draw a Glove

How to draw a glove

Hello dear artists. In previous lessons we started the topic of warm clothes and showed you how to draw a knit hat and jacket. Today we want to continue this topic and so have created a lesson on how to draw a glove.


Step 1

This lesson will be very similar to the lesson about how to draw hands. So, first of all, draw such an angular figure using very light lines.

How to draw a glove

Step 2

Now sketch out the fingers with the help of curved lines and cuff in the lower part. When you draw the fingers, consider the difference in their lengths.

Learn how to draw a glove step by step

Step 3

Now we will need to erase all the unnecessary lines and draw out the outline of the glove with the help of clear and dark lines.

How to draw clothing

Step 4

Let’s give our glove a more “woolen” look. For this draw light lines as in our example. Pay attention that they do not have to be perfectly even.

How to draw gloves

Step 5

And the last step of the lesson about how to draw a glove where we just need to draw shadows using dense hatching.

How to draw a glove

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