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How to Draw Anime for Beginners

How to draw anime for beginners

In this drawing guide, we will show you how to draw anime for beginners. We specifically selected the most simple anime art. Even a novice artist can draw it.

Step 1

Firstly, we will create a basic design of sticks and circles to outline the proportions of our character, his pose, and his position on a piece of paper. So we see the physique of a thin teenager who has a static pose.

In our case, the figure will combine the features of an adult man and a small child. Male features are a slight predominance of shoulder width over the width of the pelvis. From the proportions of a small child in this figure, there is a large head compared to the body.

How to draw anime

Step 2

And now, with the help of smooth lines, we will connect the contours of individual parts of the body. The head and chest are joined by a thin, graceful neck. The chest and pelvis are connected using two concave lines that form the sidewalls of the abdomen. Based on the oval from the last step, we draw the contours of the anatomical correct pelvis.

Also in this step, we draw two intersecting lines on the face. The horizontal line should separate the lower third of the face. A vertical line divides the face of our anime guy into two equal parts.

How to draw anime for beginners

Step 3

In this step, we outline the contours of the limbs of this nice guy. So we use elongated thin cylinders to outline the location and shape of the arms and legs. Large joints look like balls. Pay particular attention to the size of the feet and hands and the angle of deviation of the feet from the lower legs.

How to sketch anime

Step 4

Now we will make this cute guy a little more like a cute guy. To do this, we add the approximate contours of tousled hair and large, typically anime eyes. This is a very important stage, in fact, so you can compare your actions with our article on how to draw an anime face.

How to draw anime easy

Step 5

Already a little better, isn’t it? We will continue our good undertaking and draw approximate contours of the sleeves, trousers, and sweaters. You can come up with your own look and costume for your character to express your creativity.

How to draw anime for beginners step by step

Step 6

In this step, we will draw detailed eyes. Drawing eyes in anime are the most important and crucial part. It is through the eyes of anime characters that artists convey the mood and atmosphere of the whole picture. Check out our special lesson on how to draw anime eyes to make this step as high as possible.

How to start drawing anime for beginners

Step 7

This is a very short step. Here we will erase excess lines from the neck and upper body, as well as apply the final lines of these areas.

Learn to draw anime for beginners

Step 8

Let’s tidy up the upper limbs of our character. First, we will remove the extra lines from the sleeves, draw the final contours of this area, and add the necessary folds of fabric. After that, we can draw fists. It looks like an asymmetric hexagon with a line that separates the thumb and the rest of the fingers.

Anime drawing step by step

Step 9

Repeat the same action with the pants and shoes of our anime character. Pay particular attention to the folds of tissue that are located near the distal edges of the legs. Do not forget about the hem of the sole and laces.

How to draw anime for beginners step by step

Step 10

Light shadows will be a great completion to this picture. You can see small areas of hatching under the neck of our character. Also, the shadow is located under his hair and near the folds on his clothes.

How to draw anime for beginners

So it was a guide on how to draw anime for beginners. We hope that this was a really simple art, which is suitable for those who first picked up a pencil. By the way, if you succeeded, do not forget to write about it in the comments here or in our social networks. We are waiting for your feedback!


  1. i don’t really know how to do it it’s kinda hard since it’s my first time doing anime.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks this looks like Kazuto Kirigaya from Sword Art Online?

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