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How to Draw a Printer

How to draw a printer

The category “Electronics” on our website is gaining more and more popularity every day, and our readers are already asking us to show how to draw new items relating to this category. The essence of this section is simple, here we create very simple instruction, consisting mainly of literally elemental lines. And this section will now be updated with this article on how to draw a printer. Like all the other pictures from the above category, the printer drawing will consist of the simplest lines.


Step 1

As we have said in our other articles, the artist should see all objects as simple geometric shapes. In this example, the printer drawing in the first stage will be represented as a long cube. You can draw a printer either with a ruler or without it, if you want to practice drawing straight lines.

How to draw electronics

Step 2

In the second stage, we will add the most basic and integral parts to the printer sketch. First, we create a cover on the upper surface of the device. Next, on the side, we depict several buttons and a touch panel. As you can see, all the lines of the second phase are also made using simple straight lines.

How to sketch a printer

Step 3

Let’s now turn our long cube with buttons into something more like a printer. First of all, depict a wide opening and a protruding sheet. When drawing this sheet, keep in mind that it should slightly increase in our direction in order to give the drawing a larger volume.

How to draw a printer easy

Step 4

Now take an eraser in your hands and clean the entire picture of unnecessary auxiliary lines. Then you can add shading in order to make your device drawing more voluminous and interesting. In addition, you can add some additional details to your multi-function printer drawing.

How to draw a printer

So, this four-step instruction has come to an end. Do not forget about the fact that in the category “Electronics” you will find a lot of all sorts of different such lessons.


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