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How to Draw a Snowman

snowman drawing lesson


Hello, dear friends! In today’s drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw a snowman. This lesson is quite simple – without complicated shapes and shadows. So, let’s start the tutorial and learn how to draw a snowman step by step!

Step 1

At first draw a circle as a guide for the head.

how to draw a snowman


Step 2

Now draw another circle just below the first one.

how to draw a snowman for beginners


Step 3

And now draw the last circle below the circle from the previous step.

how to draw a snowman step by step


Step 4

The general shapes ready, and we start to add details. At the top of the head draw the bucket in a form of a cylinder.

how to draw a snowman with a pencil


Step 5

At the sides of the middle circle draw little circles as guides for hands.

how to draw a snowman


Step 6

Now erase all the unnecessary guidelines and strokes. Draw the eyes.

how to draw a snowman


Step 7

Draw the carrot-nose in the form of the elongated triangle. Using a couple of lines draw the surface under the snowman.

how to draw a snowman


Step 8

Using black dots draw the smile and clasp on the chest of the snowman.

snowman drawing tutorial


Step 9

Add some shadows. Note, that the light comes from the right side, so we add shadows to the left side.

snowman drawing lesson


It was the drawing lesson about how to draw a snowman step by step. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If this tutorial seems too simple for you, visit our tutorials on how to draw Scorpion or how to draw a Samurai. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing lessons by drawingforall.net!

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